Trike for Jan

Jan recently passed the age of fifty years. To celebrate this special occasion, he decided that he would like to have something special: a trike!
Though, not another corny trike with a VolksWagen beetle engine on it’s tail. Jan wanted a Harley-based trike with and therefore he bought a complete second-hand Dyna motorcycle at L&L Choppers.
Meanwhile, the L&L team designed a one-off rigid frame for the donor engine. The frame was designed in good consultation with Jan and within only one month the frame was finished. The Dyna engine, gear-box, primary, forks and brakes were taken from the donor bike.

Thanks to the well designed frame, the trike will look pretty much streamlined. The racey dragstyle fuel tank that Jan chose, matches to this styling. A ridge with speedholes was welded on te top of the fuel tank.
This is a theme that is recurring everywhere on the trike. The front wheel on the photo is the original, but in the near future a 23 incher will be mounted. The mudguards, that cover the 14 inch wide rear-tyres, are TIG-welded and they’ll have a chrome finish soon. The seat is equipped with air suspension shocks, so riding this trike will feel pretty comfortable. After all it will become a very clean and tough looking trike!
To be continued !

L&L Hardtail frames for Twin Cam and Evo

Riding awesome, though budget-friendly choppers is put on the map by L&L Choppers with their succesfull AttacKit for Sportsters. Of course this Dutch chopper-company didn’t want to disadvantage the fans of bigtwin Evo & Twin Cam Harley-Davidsons!
Finally a ready-to-fit L&L hardtail frame is designed for the Twin Cam A and B, the Electra, FXR and Dyna.


Do you want to build a sleek lane-splitter? Or can’t you get your eyes off those wonderfull bobbers in the biker-mag? The possibilities of the new L&L frame are endless, as it’s available in both bobber (low) and chopper (high) look. Well, you’ve probably stopped reading at the word ‘budget-friendly?
The fun starts at a very affordable price and you’re ready to convert your stock softy into a tough hardtail choppa’.
Of course your Evo or Twin Cam drive-train can be spooned in the frame in an eye-blink. But also components such as forks, wheels and brakes will fit.


That the dedicated chopper freak will not use too many stock parts is needless to say.
L&L Choppers offers a wide selection of accessories such as mudguards, oil- and fuel tanks, handlebars, controls, seats and so on.
With a little effort, the backyard-builder will succeed in bringing the project to a good end.

But do you stumple upon some teething problems?
The experts at L&L Choppers will support you

Second shop for L&L Choppers

L&L Choppers from Opmeer, the North of Holland, is working on their 2th shop in Rijen since a few months. The shop is located near Breda and the Belgian border.
December 28th & 29th 2013 the doors were publicly opened for the first time. The castle-like interiour is realised with help of the Nimeto school. Eye-popping was the special Tokyo Thug corner with Japanese chopper parts. L&L Choppers have put a few of their best bikes in the brand new show-room. Two big-twin highnecks stood on both sides of the raw metal entrance. Central to the showroom was the trophee-winning Panster of L&L’s engineer Paul. An unfinished Buell rigid chop in English streetfighter tradition looked very promising, ans so was the raw Attackit Sportster of L&L’s helper Richard.
However this wasn’t the official grand opening, the open days were a huge succes. Many bikers from Holland and Belgium visited the new shop in Rijen this weekend.

Early 2014 the shop will be officially opened. Be there!

Retro Air Filter

Air-cleaners are available in all imaginable shapes and sizes. Performance, custom, chopper or traditional? L&L Choppers have ’em all and they will advise you about the right type of air-cleaner that suits your style of bike.
Not only they have a wide range of aftermarket parts, L&L Choppers also design parts that are not yet available on the custombike market.

Check out this unique air-cleaner, which is more Retro than one can handle!
It is a compact air-cleaner which unveils a lot of your V-twin engine.


Though, the size is sufficient to let your engine breath for optimum performance.

The casted matt-aluminium cover with retro-pattern will turn many heads and it certainly will look good on a old skool chopper.

Do you want it in black? Of course there are many possibilities. Contact L&L Choppers for info.

See-Through Oiltanks from L&L Choppers

One of the most succesfull products of L&L are their stainless oiltanks.

One day they started with only two sorts, one with a small diameter and one with a big.
But pretty soon people wanted oval oiltanks, tanks with ribs, oilbags with an integrated batterybox, tanks in Moon style and much more. L&L has all these tanks in stock now but that still does not seem enough.

Therefore they made a new one. An oiltank with see-through sides!
These oiltanks are also made from stainless steel and are available with one or two see-through sides. L&L oiltanks are of a high quality, designed and made in house and they come with a three point mounting system.

The L&L tanks will fit almost any project but if they don’t L&L can make them fit for you.

Stainless Steel Licenseplateholders

For years we have been handmaking strong simple metal licenseplateholders for our customers. Reason enough to take these items into production. We decided to make them from stainless this time because we can either sell them in high polished versions or in matt versions. Our stainless license plateholders don’t vibrate into several pieces and are as strong as our popular handmade holders were thanks to the smart contsruction.

They are also kept as small as possible. It’s bad enough that these plates are as big as they are, we don’t want to make them look bigger by adding extra material on the holders.  At the moment we have stainless licenseplateholders in stock, suitable for mounting the popular Stoplight and the clean Cone light. Both are rearlights we sell. Want to know what other products L&L designs and produces just for you? give us a call

Fat Chopper for Phillip

L&L has many customers in Belgium

Phillip is one of them. He was the owner of an original Twincam Softail but was bored with it.

The man wanted a fatter rear section and a larger front end.
We designed and fabricated a complete new chopper frame according his wishes.

In almost every occassion we mount a small chopper tank on bikes like this, but Phillip definately wanted to keep the original gas tank. In the meantime we fabricated a Jesse James style rear fender and tight, radius bended license plate holder. We also mounted one of our round oil tanks. A nice black L&L Flow Glide front end  with matching handlebar and big headlight finishes the front side of this chopper.

Softail ombouw door L&L Choppers

So we mounted the original gas tank and actually, that wasn’t bad at all. Honestly, it’s looking really good. For us also a different combination as we’re used to. Once the tank was mounted the chopper appeared much bigger.
Hence we had to make a bigger exhaust to keep the overall look balanced.
Phillip indicated which exhaust look he’d like best and we welded the 60mm pipes together. Mufflers were fitted and the tips were turned outward extra far.

All that’s left to do is a set of forward controls, a front fender before the chopper is ready for paint.

Small gas tanks from Tokyo Thug

L&L sells Japanese chopper part from the Japanese Tokyo Thug label.

New are these 2 new extra small gas tanks for old skool and/or Frisco fans.
Japanese parts are verry expensive and hard to get, but we try hard to keep our prices as low as possible.

Tokyo Thug Slimbob Slimrib

The Slimrib tank with the cap on the side, Frisco tunnel and the petcock at the lowest point cost only 595,- Euro (sounds like a lot but it ain’t, go and see for yourself) and the the Slimbob, with the Friscotunnel and gascap on the highest point only for 495 Euro.

These are very special gastanks you’ll only find in the radical chopperscene of Japan.
If you want your chopper to look different…check these!


Single Downtube Frames for Sportster Engines

attacKIT Single Downtube frame for SportsterL&L Choppers announces new frame in the attacKIT series!

L&L now offers a new, short model frame for Evo Sportster engines.

It’s a single downtube hardtail frame with a slightly larger neck angle.

attacKIT Single Downtube frame for Sportster

Due to the single downtube your chopper gets an even more classic appearance.

For all the rest the attacKIT concept remains the same like with the Bobber and/or Chopper edition.
Which means you can almost use every single part from your stock Evo Sportster to assemble a kick ass chopper.

That’s the way to keep the costs very low and give your Sporty a complete different look.

Call or mail for more info! +31 226 351955


Martin asked us to build a big fat bobber.
Our attacKIT guarantees once more a beautiful line and fat look of the entire bike.

attacKITL&L Springer fork , tank, seat, fender, handlebar, exhaust, forward controls, sprocketbrake and much more parts from L&L.

Would you like to have another ‘kit’, or have your dream bike build, please call and ask for the wide range of possibilities we offer.

Info: +31-226-351955

Almost ready!

We’re almost ready!

All the (sub)menu’s are completed and filled where possible.

We will start soon with News and Special Offers on this page.

Any questions? Need info? Call +31 (0)226-351955 or use the contact form from the site.