Custom made Forks

With a Highneck or Swedish Style frame you definitely need long forks. We have been supplying them for years but for those who did not know, the forks are up to 50 inches!

long forktubes
long forktubes

One Off Springer

We have put together another nice One Off Springer, this time for customer David.

The rear fork is sprayed in the color Root Beer, front fork in matte chrome and the rest is finished with brass bronze.

Retro Springer with hole pattern in frontfork

When building a chopper, a hole pattern is often used in the design of fenders, forward controls, battery boxes etc.

In addition, we have extended the hole pattern to the Retro Springer.

This Springer is available from stock.

retro springer with hole frontfork
retro springer with hole frontfork

L&L Cheap Fatso

The cheapest way to provide your original Harley with a thick fork is by using the Cheap Fatso from L&L. This set, which consists of extra-thick triple trees and bold upper and lower covers, is in fact easy to combine with the standard Harley inner and lower forks. So you retain your original front fork but replaces your original triple trees by ours, including covers.

30820a – Triple trees with covers, sanded
30820b – The set mounted with a 39 mm fork (sportster, dyna, ed ed)
30820c – The fork mounted with a 21“ wheel