Rough build

Here is a model that we have prepared for the open day. You can purchase the depicted model raw (without license plate, not finished), raw with license plate or completely finished (with license plate) according to your own wishes.

New Skool

For customer Miriam, we mounted two sets of fenders and tanks during the structural work.
Miriam is a creative person and loves to experiment.
Last year she toured with the IL tank in the color gray and it already received a lot of attention.
During the winter period she focused on special painting.
This year with the Sportster tank on the Old Skool, Miriam will undoubtedly get a lot of attention again.

Structural work ready

The structural work of the Triumph Boardtracker is completed. As you can see it consists of a lot of parts, many of them will be chrome plated and the parts that needs to be painted can be blasted and put in the epoxy.

We have opted for a dark color blue. The block will be disassembled, then polished and then the cylinders gets painted. As the cream of the crop, some rib covers will be made for it.

Chopper Yuri

Yuri gave some extra shape to his chopper on his hobby day. Under the watchful eye of Paul, the rear fender was made and mounted with stylish fixings.

Furthermore, the brake plate is equipped with a small adjustment option and is concealed behind the pullover.

To be continued!

Stage build at all stages

We can offer a solution to customers who have purchased a frame from us and would like some help due to space and time constraints.

If you want the engine and wheel to be aligned or an exhaust set, tank, fender with sissybar attached, you name it and it’s possible.


Youngster Rino ‘Goes Wild’

Youngster Rino Goes Wild

Rino wanted something different, something wild.  In the barn he still had a Sportster Evo 4.

He was drawn to 240mm rear tire and a long springer fork which stood low. A rib Sportster tank, oil tank with holes, and this extends to the forward controls, battery box, handlebar and rear fender.

When he first viewed the structural work Rino had a ‘smile’ from ear to ear!


1600CC Lowrider for Johan

Johan a customer wanted to build a bike and had some specific needs. First, he wanted a nice engine. He also wanted to have airsuspension so that the bike can be lowered on its frame when parking. The front and rear wheels needed to have wide rims, fat tires and special drum brakes. Last but not least he wanted a specially made extra solid Springer fork.

And if we also wanted to make sure that the bike as a whole would have a real Bobber look. This is what we have made so far.

1600cc Lowrider for Johan
1600cc Lowrider for Johan

Photoshoot – Vintage Boardtracker for Dimitri

Dimitri comes from Belgium and is an entrepreneur in the cleaning business. He has just become a father 08-09-2014, but in addition there will be yet another new member in the family! See here the Sportster Boardtracker project, were the two 23-inch wheels form the basis.

For more information and photos click here:

The Recult Boardtracker Side Right
Vintage Boardtracker voor Dimitri

Structural work for client Frank is almost finished

There is a rear fender with a broad rib, the exhausts are equipped with thick curved end nozzles and there has been chosen for a Sportster tank with a deep tunnel and a rib (50538).

The stainless steel forward controls are from the new series, running tapes with holes (40611FR).

For this project we used a Hardcore headlight (1302645) and the flow-glide fork in black (3030FR). The black wheels with thick spokes (20406FR) are a perfect fit with it.

hardtail evo frank
Hardtail Evo Frank

Onno’s Frisco Style Chopper – Photoshoot

Onno was the owner of a slightly modified Harley-Davidson Night Train that he didn’t really ride much anymore. The standard Harley was not exciting enough, in part because Onno owns several motorcycles. At the same time, it has always been his dream to own a real chopper. But such a bike had to be precisely what he had in mind. The chopper had to be built from scratch and have a slim hardtail frame forming a straight line between the steering head and the rear axle.

For more information and photo’s see:


Stage build for Luc

We’re helping Luc with a part of the stage build.

Parts used:

  • Viking Highneck Hardtailframe  10102L
  • Chrome Retro springer overstock length 30338L
  • Speed wheels 16×200 rear wheel  .21 x120 front wheel  20900L
  • Ribbed rear fender  70714L
  • Saddle plate stainless steel 1501791L
  • Round oil tank with battery tray stainless steel 60608L
  • Wild fuel tank 50543L
  • HM exhausts Luc model

And various other components