Special single-sided swingarm

This single-sided swingarm is constructed from beefy, heavy gauge steel tubing  and allows a rear tire up to a 280 series to be mounted on a 20-inch wheel with a 31mm wide pulley.
The frame is made of round shaped thick tubes.

Wheels in all shapes and sizes

Every construction project comes with wheels that match the look of the engine. For the Bobber from 16 to 23 inches and for the Boardtracker from narrow to extreme.

Wheels different sizes
Wheels different sizes

The Good Old Flatfender

In the days when there were no round fenders on the market, we used a flatfender for narrow tires. For the wide tires we used a trailer mudguard, they are wafer thin but you had to do something.

Today we work on projects with car tires, with the 2mm thick and 200mm wide flatfender.

Sporty Boardtracker

For the enthusiastic customer Heiko we started with the structural work.
His wish is to use hole patterns on the forward controls, battery box and mounts. Furthermore, an oval oil tank and a sporty tank with an extra deep tunnel which gives a fast look.

To be continued.

Car tire

Henry, customer since 1996, came by with a block and gear-box. After a cup of coffee, he indicated that he had some ideas again for an extremely new project.
We were allowed to work with a car tire, it has been a long time since we mounted one, but the look is great!

Complete stainless steel wheels

For the Swedish project we are going to use an 18″ traditional multi-spoke rear wheel.

The front wheel is 23″ and the spokes are straight. The hub, spokes and rim are completely from stainless steel.

23 inch rechtgespaakt

Big Wheels

The L&L crew believes that 23-inch wheels are the maximum height in terms of design.

But…. we have been seduced by customer Raf and have taken up the challenge to build with 26 inch wheels.

White Wall Tires

The White Wall tires are often used with a powder-coated rim to enhance the effect.
Here they are mounted on chrome rims.

White Wall Tires