Triumph Boardtracker

This beautiful bike won an award at the Bigtwin show in the category Freestyle and is soon to be featured in the magazine.
In the spring, the boardtracker will also be featured in the book by Horst Rösler (HRF motographer) from Germany and in the French RadiKal Custom Artworks book.

Horst Rösler HRF motographer
Horst Rösler HRF motographer
Horst Rösler HRF motographer
Horst Rösler HRF motographer

Visiting Japan

Some time ago we explored Japan with a select group. The program included a visit to a bike show, but especially the insights into the small chopper shops were very special.
I have already visited many places in my life; Africa, America, Australia, South America, then you would think you have already experienced everything.
But nothing could be further from the truth … Asia is like visiting a completely different world. It was a very special experience.

Andy and Mark in Tokyo
The Bikeshow
A cozy chopper shop, it’s good that the Japanese are a bit smaller
Technology is ahead in Japan, a few cilinders are waiting for further finishing..
A few cylinder heads
Knucklehead heads in a display case, always nice to see.
Everything is possible
The hotrod is a part of it
With the whole family.
Japan has a metric system, but they drive on the left side

23 inch Boardtracker L&L Style from customer Richy – Photoshoot

Customer Richy is every year in Saint Tropez to look at the different creations at the annual “Chopper and Custom Show”.

After years of thinking about joining the show, he went looking for the style that attracted him. Rightly so he arrived at the Boardtracker style, Richy went for the L&L (drag) Boardtracker.

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Photoshoot – Yuri’s AttacKIT

You’ve probably already seen a few photos come by from Yuri’s AttacKIT, but now we’ve got the full photoshoot! For the photos click here: Yuri’s AttacKIT

A little recap:

To build a simple Sportster chopper, that was Yuri’s intention, who lives just a stone’s throw away from L&L Choppers. But, as you can see, it has not stayed simple!

Old School with Panhead look
Old School with Panhead look

Photoshoot – Kings and Queens for Richard

A customer who has reached the age of 60 already drove for a while on his original Sportster with Kings and Queens seat, but didn’t get the 70’s feeling from it.

He contacted us and asked how we could solve this. See here the result a 2011 Sportster with softail frame and a hardtail look.

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Softail frame (10164RI) for a sportster 2004 up
Kings and Queens

Photoshoot – Vintage Boardtracker for Dimitri

Dimitri comes from Belgium and is an entrepreneur in the cleaning business. He has just become a father 08-09-2014, but in addition there will be yet another new member in the family! See here the Sportster Boardtracker project, were the two 23-inch wheels form the basis.

For more information and photos click here:

The Recult Boardtracker Side Right
Vintage Boardtracker voor Dimitri

Shinka Chopper – Photoshoot

Normally we tell a story about the project, but now we’ve allowed the customer to speak.

Quincy; I was looking for a Japanese Zero style bobber. The Japanese Zero style is characterized by the angle of the front fork (this is somewhat placed down), the lack of a front fender, the gooseneck at the front of the frame, the relatively small tank and half the rear fender integrated with the rear light.

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Zero Style with Softail frame 10104ZE
Shinka Chopper