L&L Photo Gallery

Did you always wanted to have your own choppers, but not able to build one?
Or just don’t have the time, space, tools or knowledge to do it?

L&L Choppers is not just another supplier of chopper parts for over 20 years
We also build choppers for everybody’s budget.

The L&L Crew is more versatile than any other.
We have a true old school freak, an US style addict, a Swedish style lover and even a High Tech fan!

We cover the old skool quick & dirty up to high tech state of the art style of bikes.

We give you a front seat to view a selection of L&L Choppers built bikes.
Don’t you worry if you can’t find your favorite style. We burst of energy and inspiration to make bikes according your dreams.
We’ll get you on the road.

To make the selections a bit easier, we’ve divided the styles in 3 groups:

Pictures from our events like Open Day, exhibitions, shows and our Sportsterday.
Customers who build their own chopper with L&L parts.