A used EVO Sportster and the attacKIT is all you need to build this bike!
attacKIT = frame + oil tank of your choice for only € 1.495,00 !






It all starts with an EVO Sportster.
Simple and budget friendly, as used Sportsters can be found for real low prices.
Add the L&L attacKIT and stay within your budget. Besides, it’s fun to build and to drive ! 

Engine, Wheels, axles, gas tank, fork, brakes and even the belt drive can all be used on the attacKIT.

The L&L attacKIT comes with an oil tank (you choose: round, oval or horseshoe) and you will have to add labour and a seat.

To build the  L&L attacKIT, some welding and grinding is required, for example to mount the rear fender,
but all the thinking and measuring work is already done for you.

As usual we give you all the advises you need and we support you during the build.

The attacKIT is:
a L&L attacKIT frame + oiltank you choose for only
€ 1.495,00





The attacKIT comes in 2 basic editions:
attacKIT Chopperstyle(left) and the attacKIT Bobberstyle(right):

attacKIT Chopperstyle will accept the stock Sportster fork.
attacKIT Bobberstyle accepts our retro springer fork.

6 examples of what you can build with attacKIT Bobberstyle or attacKIT Chopperstyle: