Wheels in all shapes and sizes

Every construction project comes with wheels that match the look of the engine. For the Bobber from 16 to 23 inches and for the Boardtracker from narrow to extreme.

Wheels different sizes
Wheels different sizes

Custom made Forks

With a Highneck or Swedish Style frame you definitely need long forks. We have been supplying them for years but for those who did not know, the forks are up to 50 inches!

long forktubes
long forktubes

Sportster Softail Chopper

For customer Frank, for the bicycle part, the design, is ready. Frank likes to drive a lot of kilometers and that includes a comfortable chopper. With the 200 tire at the rear and a 12 inch fork, that will be all right.

Rough build

Here is a model that we have prepared for the open day. You can purchase the depicted model raw (without license plate, not finished), raw with license plate or completely finished (with license plate) according to your own wishes.
Further information will follow about other models that we will be showing on Easter Monday.

2nd hand parts
A buddy of ours will also be present, Easter Monday, who has cleaned up his garage.
He offers parts from 1920 to the present. A great opportunity to come and see if there is something for you.

Chopper building course

We notice that there is a lot of enthusiasm for guidance in building a chopper yourself.
That is why we are thinking of giving courses in this field.
You should think of a course with a small number of participants for the best possible guidance.

If you like this, send a motivation email to be eligible to chopperbouw@gmail.com
Please note, use this special e-mail address, we cannot respond to e-mails with this subject that are sent to our standard e-mail.

Attackkit with RDW approved self-build license plate

We have been making frames according to customer wishes for 35 years, but we have also been working with the Attackkit for a long time. This is a frame where everything from a donor engine can be built to the shape and taste of the customer. The customer can do this all by himself, but we can also help with this. In this case we have provided the rough build with license plate.

Dyna in Mexican Style

Almost no after-market parts are available for the Dyna Glide models. Luckily we already make frames for these models and in this case we have produced an extra short front fork and exhaust kit.

Bit of a Swedish Chopper

A model with a long fork, low and down, is described as a Swedish model.
Jaap wanted such a long front fork that gives you a bit of a Swedish chopper feeling.
The tank with content and the softail frame do not belong to this style, but make the chopper unique and completely according to the customer’s wishes.

Sportster Chopper Softail frame

Customer Frank has always driven standard motorcycles, but the chopper feeling was always there. There is of course always a reason to postpone this wish, but he has now decided to go all the way. Frank chooses this style but on a Softail base.

Jim’s 5 speed gearbox

In the past we have sometimes been tempted to deliver an Ultima gearbox to the customer. But cheap is expensive because the quality from Farawayistan comes back like a boomerang.

Original HD containers are proven quality but unfortunately not available at the moment. And see here a Jim’s container with proven quality!

Bold Bobber

The Bobber with wide rear tire also comes with a couple of thick exhausts with modified mufflers. For the old-vintage look, the cat-eye dash has been applied with the modern technology of an electronic counter.