Jim’s 5 speed gearbox

In the past we have sometimes been tempted to deliver an Ultima gearbox to the customer. But cheap is expensive because the quality from Farawayistan comes back like a boomerang.

Original HD containers are proven quality but unfortunately not available at the moment. And see here a Jim’s container with proven quality!

L&L is moving temporarily!

Despite ups and downs in the overall chopper industry where many things dropped out, we at L&L have always continued to build the most beautiful creations with great pleasure.

We were even able to open a second one next to our first location. For example, we have had a store in Opmeer Noord Holland and a business in Rijen Brabant for a long time. The location in Rijen covers 1200 square meters of which only a small part was used by us. Lots of unused space so what we wanted to get rid of.

An interested party wanted to buy it, but only on the condition that he could take it over completely(!). So including the space that was taken into use by L&L. It wasn’t what we wanted to hear. We would have liked to have kept our share and for as long as possible. But in the end, with a lot of pain in our hearts, we gave in and we can inform you that L&L can only be visited again in Opmeer at the moment.

So, chopper people from the south, come to Opmeer if you are interested in the purely proprietary parts that L&L has to offer or if you want to have a very special motorcycle built.

Please note this is all temporary! Because of course L&L cannot do without a business in Brabant. We are therefore looking for a smaller accommodation in this province. As soon as it is found, we will let you know immediately here.

Bold Bobber

The Bobber with wide rear tire also comes with a couple of thick exhausts with modified mufflers. For the old-vintage look, the cat-eye dash has been applied with the modern technology of an electronic counter.

The Sporty Speedster

Ready to go! The first test rounds are over because we still have fantastic weather.

Many details have been incorporated into the speedster. The high wheels immediately catch your eye. The rib items have been implemented at the front tube, primary and ignition cover, grips, forward controls with steps and even more details…

The Hotrod exhausts didn’t turn out badly either and give the bike a rough look. We used fixed pipes for the hydraulic clutch and brake line. We have also applied this for the oil pipes. For the sporty steering wheel, we have incorporated a self-manufactured internal gas that has been tried and tested for decades.

On to the shows!

Sporty Boardtracker

In the workshop of L&L, we’re putting on the finishing touches.

The test drive is over and now we can hand over the Boardtracker to our satisfaction.
Are you interested in the finish and details of the Boardtracker? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.

Whatever you choose, just a frame, a part, a complete rough build or a complete finish, we can arrange it for you.

Hardtail frame for the Flathead

The wishes of the customer are very important to us. The frame is therefore carefully composed in consultation with the customer. In this case, for a Harley-Davidson WLA – The Liberator, it has become a tubular frame with a casting for the engine block and gearbox.

Engine block upgrade

If the paint job is successful and we start rebuilding a project, we will look at what appearance the bike needs.

For an old look, keep the donor block in its current state. We upgrade the block for a chic look. In this case we did this with vintage valve covers and gray with black cylinders and a ribbed primary cover.

Swedish chopper with long fork

The chopper enthusiast is only a small group and among them is only 1 ‰ who prefer a long fork.

A rear tyre of a car, shortened supertrap dampers with homemade Early Shovel curves, oval oil tank, short JJ tank and an extremely long fork. Sissy bar for the duffel bag and to create a regal sitting position.

Our roots lie with these 1 promille enthusiasts, the chopper is extreme but for us it’s a kick!

Frame for an electric motor

At L&L, a motor with electrical assistance is not on our wish list.
But when customer Alex came by with 200 mm rear tire, 50 amp battery, 3000w Electra motor, a Chopper front fork, an example of a frame assembled with a glue gun and the question whether we could make a nice frame, we thought this was a nice challenge.

A nice job for the autumn,   where we will see with which material we can build a nice frame for this with of course …. a specific L&L design!

Vintage Bobber handlebar

Only handlebars with risers are available for the modern Harley springer front forks.
In this case, the desire was to create a vintage bobber handlebar (without risers). We solved this by means of a mounting plate, as was used in the past.

Softail Highneck

The chopper painted in British Racing Green for Pieter is ‘ready-to-go’!

The extended frame is adapted to the posture for a perfect sitting position. Because of the long tank and the oval oil tank, everything is nicely proportioned. For the exhaust system we opted for a two-in-one with a muffler. The stabilizer on the front fork is equipped with a removable mudguard. The 200 mm rear tire gives a nice look and is not too wide.

The nice weather is coming, so let’s enjoy it!!!

The Good Old Flatfender

In the days when there were no round fenders on the market, we used a flatfender for narrow tires. For the wide tires we used a trailer mudguard, they are wafer thin but you had to do something.

Today we work on projects with car tires, with the 2mm thick and 200mm wide flatfender.

Purchase one-of-a-kind motor

L&L builds choppers according to the customer’s wishes and that takes time. Not everyone has this time. It sometimes happens that the customer wants a different design after a while, and he is willing to sell the motorcycle.

Here are a few examples of finished choppers, is your dream here (or look under L&L photos) and let us know. We can then discuss with the customer whether he is willing to say goodbye to his own chopper.