Pay attention! Changed opening times

In the coming period, the shop in Opmeer and Rijen will be closed alternately on Saturdays.

Pay attention! The opening times for Opmeer during the week (from Tuesday to Friday) have remained unchanged, from 10:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, January 25: Rijen closed
Saturday, January 25: Opmeer open from 10:00 till 17:00

Saturday 1 February: Rijen open from 10:00 till 14:00
Saturday 1 February: Opmeer closed

Saturday, February 8: Rijen closed
Saturday, February 8: Opmeer open from 10:00 till 17:00

Saturday, February 15: Rijen open from 10:00 till 14:00
Saturday, February 15: Opmeer closed

Saturday, February 22: Rijen open from 10:00 till 14:00
Saturday, February 22: Opmeer closed

Saturday, February 29: Rijen closed
Saturday, February 29: Opmeer open from 10:00 till 13:00

If you want to be sure that we are present, please call 0226-351955 or check the website.

Chopper For Sale

This chopper is for sale and is 90% “Ready To Go”.

As you can expect from L&L, this chopper is delivered including the correct self-build license plate associated with the original HD block (from the box).

The chopper has run +/- 1500 km and has a 5 speed gearbox. If you want a different fork, this is negotiable.

All real bids are welcome!

Big Wheels

The L&L crew believes that 23-inch wheels are the maximum height in terms of design.

But…. we have been seduced by customer Raf and have taken up the challenge to build with 26 inch wheels.

One Off Springer

We have put together another nice One Off Springer, this time for customer David.

The rear fork is sprayed in the color Root Beer, front fork in matte chrome and the rest is finished with brass bronze.

Blast from the past

This week we have found some construction projects in our archives that are not yet shown on this site. But who are we to hold them for our selfs!

Eef Highneck with Maltese cross
Rough build Shovel; with this project we only did the rough build and the client did the rest
Lex Sportster Softail;  we made a narrow Knucklehead version of the tank
AttackKit, one for our French enthusiasts

Triumph Boardtracker

Out of curiosity Rik visited the open days in the shop in Rijen. Once inside, while enjoying a cup of coffee, he saw the Boardtrackers.

The thing is Rik had still a little project laying around, a Triumph and after weeks of bad sleep he wanted to do something with it. He decided that he wanted to build a Boardtracker with his Triumph.

When delivering the engine, Rik indicated that he would like to be surprised, this is obviously very risky, because then the bucket of inspiration and creativity at L&L flows over! A must is the 23 inch narrow rims and tires with line profile, the 30’s tank and a special springer.

Chopper Faith

The finishing touches of Michel’s chopper are progressing very well. Recently the family was expanded with a daughter, Faith. This is not only a nice name for the little one, but also for the Chopper!


Marc from the I-Beam Chopper lives in the sunny South of France. The video shows that we really enjoyed test driving the I-Beam this summer.

Last weekend we traveled to the south to deliver the engine. There, too, the sun was shining, so lovely weather to tour around.

I-Beam – Proefrit

1st prize at Bikes and Boards for Rob’s 23 inch Vintage Racer

Last Sunday the annual event Bikes and Boards took place on the beach of Zandvoort. During the Bikeshow, Arjan van den Boom and Sven Ermstrang judged all custom bikes on technique, style and creativity. This year’s winner was Rob with the 23-inch Vintage Racer that L&L Choppers custom built for him.

For more pics and info about the Vintage Racer: