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The shops in Opmeer and Rijen will be closed from September 14th to September 30th.
You can call us again from September 30th.
Your e-mail will be answered after September 30th.

Unique frames

We have been able to make a few beautiful frames at the request of customers.
This time a frame with ribs in the front tube, this design will be reflected in the design of the motorcycle.
The Chopper frame is equipped with rear axle castings. The special thing about this is that it is suitable for the ¾ inch rear axle (19 mm), so you do not need adapter bushes. This is the case with all other castings.

Frame with castings and standard  ¾ inch rearaxle mounting
Casting mounts for the standard  ¾ inch rearaxle. With this you do not need adapter bushes. This is the case with all other castings.
Frame with ribbed front tube
ribbed front tube

Old Skool Chopper

The moment Miriam saw Sarah, she thought it was time to realize her dream of building an Old Skool Chopper.
The wish was to work with a 200 mm rear tire and a matching high front wheel.
Miriam also wanted a black springer front fork with a small brake disc and black brake caliper.
The apehanger with an IL tank makes it complete.

Sportster 2006 Softail for Jordi

Customer Jordi has ordered a bicycle parts from L&L, consisting of a custom Softail frame, wheels and various other parts.
Jordi was already well on his way with the design because he already had, among other things, a special oil tank and rear mudguard.
We helped with the last things and see here the result!

Oil tank

The Swedish Chopper is back

Good example is good to follow. By showing Yuri’s Swedish Chopper, the enthusiasm is back.

This is the bicycle part for customer Hans, consisting of a custom frame and a rear wheel. We will collect another Flow-Glide fork to length and a 23 inch front wheel and then Hans can go wild on the design!

Bag for Arthur

A nice completion of the last winter jobs.
For the bag we made a metal back plate with fasteners and had it covered with saddle leather.
Because of the same carvings and patterns that have been used in the saddle, it has become a beautiful whole.

Triumph  Boardtracker from Rik

The frame is back from the painter and the engine has been thoroughly overhauled, which is necessary when the engines are a bit older.
For the technical part, the engine has been completely disassembled and all irregularities have been repaired.
For the look we polished a large part of the engine, sprayed the cylinders and finished with chrome accents and we used a home made ribbed primary case.
Now the assembly can begin!

Another step further with Chopper from Yuri

We were able to free up some time for Yuri his chopper.
The idea for the exhaust set comes from our chopper Aruba. With its V-shape and upswept design, it gives the chopper a rugged appearance.
The Flow Glide fork is made to length and will be polished after painting.
We have brought the headlight support as close as possible to the triple trees so that the headlight falls into the front fork.

Visiting Japan

Some time ago we explored Japan with a select group. The program included a visit to a bike show, but especially the insights into the small chopper shops were very special.
I have already visited many places in my life; Africa, America, Australia, South America, then you would think you have already experienced everything.
But nothing could be further from the truth … Asia is like visiting a completely different world. It was a very special experience.

Andy and Mark in Tokyo
The Bikeshow
A cozy chopper shop, it’s good that the Japanese are a bit smaller
Technology is ahead in Japan, a few cilinders are waiting for further finishing..
A few cylinder heads
Knucklehead heads in a display case, always nice to see.
Everything is possible
The hotrod is a part of it
With the whole family.
Japan has a metric system, but they drive on the left side