Lourens New Seventies

Lourens came with a request to build a highneck chopper. It had to be a big bike with a genuine seventies styling. The base is a L&L hardtail frame with a solid single backbone. In the extremely high triple trees there is a long L&L springer mounted, that will take you back to the times of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Because of reliability many customers want modern Harley-blocks such as the Sportsters, Evo and Twin Cams. However Lourens went completely for the old skool look and the choice was for a characteristic Shovelhead with a kickstart transmission. At L&L we find that really cool to build!

It’s all in the details: the sissy bar has the same angle as the fork. For the tank is elected a Jesse James copy that makes the machine look even higher. The oval tank is chosen from our catalog. A low steering wheel and a set of beautiful spoked wheels makes the look complete. In the rough build Lourens’ highneck looks already great. And after completion?

Please come by to have a look!


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Spear wheel

20900 Spear wheel


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Contra cut balhoofdplaten

30800 Custom contra cut balhoofdplaten


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Jacques’ Softail

Jacques lives, already for a while now, in South Korea and wanted to build on his motorcycle when he would be on vacation in the Netherlands, but because of the hustle and bustle of the last five years that did not happen. Therefore, are we going  to be building his motor.

It is a softail with a 240 mm rear tire and pullybrake, evo engine and a 5 speed gearbox. We have build a Full Flow-glide (frontfork), and a special tank for him.


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Zero Style Hardtail frame

Zero Style Hardtail frame with complete black front fork.


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DIMI Boardtracker

Dimitri comes from Belgium and is an entrepreneur in the cleaning business. He has just become a father, but in addition there will be yet another new member in the family! See it here the Sportster Boardtracker project, where the two 23-inch wheels are the starting point. With the boardtrack racers of the past as inspiration.

The hardtail Sportster is slender and slim thanks to the small peanut tank. The riding position is really sporty: a low boardtrack steering wheel ensures that the bike looks fast while stationary. To emphasize the vintage styling, the belt drive is replaced by a chain.

Dimitri has given L&L Choppers the freedom to build something really cool, but as the owner he is obviously included at every step.

dimi 4_link

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Camshaft cover and rear fender

Camshaft cover to give your block something extra.

91000 camcover ribbed sportster rough
91001 camcover ribbed sportster ribbed polished
91002 camcover ribbed sportster black
91003 camcover ribbed sportster complete polished


Een 200 mm achterspatbord wat goed pas op een 200 band

A 200 mm rear fender which fits well on a 200 tire

70850 radius fender 200 mm


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For sale AttacKit for 200 tire including wheels

This offer includes a AttacKIT frame, oil tank, rearwheel for a 200 tire and a 21 inch front wheel.

For the price of 2395, – euro


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Old Skool Sporty for Igor the Italian – Photoshoot

Igor is a customer from Italy with a Dutch mother, that comes in handy to translate his wishes. After going through the parts we could use, this became another great hot rod for the traffic in Italy. And with the use of the minimal parts, it really became a crowd pleaser.

Check the photo’s here: http://www.l-l-choppers.com/ll-photo-gallery/old-school/old-skool-sporty-for-igor-the-italian/?lang=en

Old Skool look met gebruik van standaard wielen

Old Skool look met gebruik van standaard wielen

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Black wheels with thick chrome spokes

20401 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 16×3,5
20402 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 16×5,5
20403 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 18×3,5
20404 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 18×5,5
20405 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 21×2,15
20406 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 21×3,5
20410 Black wheels with thick chrome spokes 23×3,5,5


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Adjustable shock absorbers

At the moment we are building a softail and we use air adjustable shock absorbers with a concealed compressor.

10610 air adjustable shock absorbers inter.comp.


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The Peanut tanks are back in stock

The Peanut tanks are back in stock with a single cap or double cap.

50730 Peanut tank, single cap
50731 Peanut tank, double cap


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Vintage Racer 23

L & L Choppers built this modern version of a boardtracker for Rob, which is not exactly a rookie in the motor world. After a series of sports bikes Rob decided that is was enough with the fast bikes. Therefore, he decided to switch to a Yamaha Wild Star, which was rebuilt in the style of Big German Thunderbike. But Rob was not satisfied about the handling of such a thick rear wheel and also that much chrome really was not for him. “I wanted to go back to basics. Back to the leaking, crackling oldtimers! One particular type then moved his heart: the boardtracker!” 

Read the full story and check the photo’s here: http://www.l-l-choppers.com/ll-photo-gallery/old-school/vintage-racer-23/?lang=en


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Custom triple trees

At L & L Choppers we make triple trees based on the client’s wishes.

These triple trees are for 41mm fork tubes, normal wide-glide width, because we’re building choppers with small fuel tanks and with these matching small triple trees.

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Highneck for Filip

L&L Choppers builds all styles, from old skool to modern. Filip from Belgium at the right place by L & L Choppers to build a typical American chopper with a Jesse James look! A highneck frame with single downtube was tailored around a reliable TwinCam block.

Fun features include a oiltank with sight glass and a specially designed tank. Long, tall and skinny, and it had to be an ultra slim front fork because it fits beautifully in this picture! Real eye-catchers are the machined aluminum wheels with skulls. The highneck is not yet finished, but the looks are already good!


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