High-tech beltdrive

L & L continues to look for unique components from our own kitchen or in the market.
This is a belt drive with a slim rear plate and a special slant notched belt.

1001067 High-tech belt drive Helical gears


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Alignment work

For a customer, we aligned the engine, the transmission and the rear wheel. There is also a long Springer mounted and then the tank was attached.

  • 80859JEL     Right Side Drive transmission
  • 50515JEL      Long Sportster style tank
  • 30415JEL      Long chrome springer
  • 20258JEL     21 inch front wheel
  • 2025BJEL     18 inch rear wheel


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Stainless steel Battery tray

Stainless steel Battery tray

  • 1302420 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes
  • 1302423 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, rust appearance
  • 1302425 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, brass
  • 1302427 Stainless steel Battery tray model open
  • 1302428 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, rust appearance
  • 1302429 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, brass




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Still the Shovels

You see them now less, but the shovelhead still is a nice engine to make a rough looking chopper. Here we’ve used a hardtail frame with a springer that is placed with some more rake.

  • 10101PIR         Hardtail frame for shovel
  • 30375PiR        Retro black springer
  • 1201260PIR    Black smooth brake handle
  • 50538PIR        Sporstertank with deep tunnel
  • 70709PIR        Rear fender for a 18 or 16 inch wheel


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Chopper with an old look

At L&L Choppers it’s also possible to create an old appearance for a chopper, to create this look the parts are made rust brown.

50 jaar oud uiterlijk

50 years old look

100 jaar oud uiterlijk

100 years old look

100 jaar oud uiterlijk

100 years old look

Licht gebruikt uiterlijk

slightly used look

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Dragstyle for Patrick

The Dragstyle for Patrick.

  • 70721Patr       Flatbender rear fender for a 200 tire
  • 1501791Patr   stainless steel saddle plate
  • 50530              Drag tank
  • 140169Patr     HM exhausts
  • 30820Patr      Triple trees with covers for 39 mm front fork


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Homemade tank and coil cover

Furniture makers , clock makers , blacksmiths … Fewer and fewer people understand the art of old skool craftsmanship, which requires a pair of big callused hands, smart thinking and a creative mind. This craft is also needed for building choppers like the way they used to do it way back. Those days, there were no shelves packed full of ready-made chopper-parts… let alone AutoCAD and CNC machines.

L&L Choppers believes that traditional craftsmanship should never be lost. Because… what is more unique than a hand-fabricated bike? Here are some photos from a homemade tank for Jacques’ Softail and the fabrication of a coil cover with a power hammer. Check Craftsmanship for more photos.

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Old Skool Bike for Tim

For our client Tim we are building an old skool bike, a shift lever was required.


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Stage build for Luc

We’re helping Luc with a part of the stage build.

Parts used:

  • Viking Highneck Hardtailframe  10102L
  • Chrome Retro springer overstock length 30338L
  • Speed wheels 16×200 rear wheel  .21 x120 front wheel  20900L
  • Ribbed rear fender  70714L
  • Saddle plate stainless steel 1501791L
  • Round oil tank with battery tray stainless steel 60608L
  • Wild fuel tank 50543L
  • HM exhausts Luc model

And various other components


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Supersport handlebar

1601655   supersport handlebar chrome
1601656   supersport handlebar black


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Custom Handlebar

For customer Krijn we created a Custom handlebar. We adjusted the brake and clutch levers 1201264SP-1201265SP so they can be secured through the handle.

In the levers we have drilled holes and cable are guided through the steering wheel, the handles are made suitable for internal gas 1601402. This is a double bearing implementation.


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Frank’s Buell – Photoshop

Frank’s Buell has had a complete metamorphosis. From one extreme, a naked racer, went this American to the other extreme, a chopper! However it hasn’t lost any of its aggressiveness. The hardtail racer with streetfighter look is finished and for this we are in the Brabantse Rijen for Frank’s first ride and photos.

For more info and photos click here: http://www.l-l-choppers.com/ll-photo-gallery/choppers/go-fast/?lang=en

Rood gecoat frame met mat zwart gespoten lak

Rood gecoat frame met mat zwart gespoten lak

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Brake caliper

The HI-tech 2 piston brake caliper  1101211 with a tailor-made brake plate for a springer. In addition, the black-executed CC springer brake caliper 1101320 ZW

1101211-hi-tech-remklauw 1101320-ZW

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Zerostyle Hardtail Frame

Zerostyle hardtail frame for 16 or 18 inch wheels, stock black springer and a Wassel tank dirttrack-bobber 50569


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Pictures Rosmalen 2014

Here are the pictures of the L & L stand in Rosmalen. We enjoyed the good atmosphere and the show this year!

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