1st Easter Sunday 11:00 to 17:00: Open day L&L Choppers Opmeer!

While the temperature still comes below zero, we at L&L Choppers are already eagerly looking forward to Easter! As always, we throw the doors in Opmeer wide open to welcome spring. A perfect opportunity to combine this season beginning with a visit to L&L Choppers! Last winter we didn’t sit still and there are a number of finished and rough-finished bikes ready that we would like to show with great pride. The jam-filled showroom is open from 11:00 to 17:00 and of course there is coffee and tea. What also cannot be missed is the BBQ, catered by Harvey’s snack tent.

Do not feel like an Easter egg hunt? We’ll see you on Sunday, April 5th!

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New Photo L&L Crew

For almost two years we’ve a new (Dutch) L & L Crew, so therefore it was time for a new photo! This is it.


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Onno’s Frisco Style Chopper – Photoshoot

Onno was the owner of a slightly modified Harley-Davidson Night Train that he didn’t really ride much anymore. The standard Harley was not exciting enough, in part because Onno owns several motorcycles. At the same time, it has always been his dream to own a real chopper. But such a bike had to be precisely what he had in mind. The chopper had to be built from scratch and have a slim hardtail frame forming a straight line between the steering head and the rear axle.

For more information and photo’s see: http://www.l-l-choppers.com/ll-photo-gallery/choppers/frisco-style-chopper-onno/?lang=en


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Gooseneck frames in all sizes and for each engine

Here you see two examples of the possibilities.

gooseneck 7-2
gooseneck 9-1
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Panhead covers for Sportster

We’ve put the finishing touches on client Gerard his sportyPan.


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New Skool Chopper for customer Arie

Customer Arie is letting L&L build a chopper with only modern parts. He is taking it easy, each time whenever he gets some money we’re going to continue to build his dream chopper.

The man doesn’t directly opt for the cheapest parts. So you see our DF drag style frame in Softail version, a thick black covered L&L Fat Glide fork and striking Contrast Cut wheels.


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For sale AttacKIT for 200 tire including wheels

This offer includes an AttacKIT frame, an oil tank, a rear wheel for a 200 tire and a front wheel for a 140 tire or a 21 inch front wheel.

For the price of € 2495,-


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High-tech beltdrive

L & L continues to look for unique components from our own kitchen or in the market.
This is a belt drive with a slim rear plate and a special slant notched belt.

1001067 High-tech belt drive Helical gears


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Alignment work

For a customer, we aligned the engine, the transmission and the rear wheel. There is also a long Springer mounted and then the tank was attached.

  • 80859JEL     Right Side Drive transmission
  • 50515JEL      Long Sportster style tank
  • 30415JEL      Long chrome springer
  • 20258JEL     21 inch front wheel
  • 2025BJEL     18 inch rear wheel


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Stainless steel Battery tray

Stainless steel Battery tray

  • 1302420 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes
  • 1302423 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, rust appearance
  • 1302425 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, brass
  • 1302427 Stainless steel Battery tray model open
  • 1302428 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, rust appearance
  • 1302429 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, brass




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Still the Shovels

You see them now less, but the shovelhead still is a nice engine to make a rough looking chopper. Here we’ve used a hardtail frame with a springer that is placed with some more rake.

  • 10101PIR         Hardtail frame for shovel
  • 30375PiR        Retro black springer
  • 1201260PIR    Black smooth brake handle
  • 50538PIR        Sporstertank with deep tunnel
  • 70709PIR        Rear fender for a 18 or 16 inch wheel


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Chopper with an old look

The parts have been given a 50 years old look.

50 jaar oud uiterlijk

50 years old look

100 jaar oud uiterlijk

100 years old look

100 jaar oud uiterlijk

100 years old look

Licht gebruikt uiterlijk

slightly used look

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Dragstyle for Patrick

The Dragstyle for Patrick.

  • 70721Patr       Flatbender rear fender for a 200 tire
  • 1501791Patr   stainless steel saddle plate
  • 50530              Drag tank
  • 140169Patr     HM exhausts
  • 30820Patr      Triple trees with covers for 39 mm front fork


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Homemade tank and coil cover

Furniture makers , clock makers , blacksmiths … Fewer and fewer people understand the art of old skool craftsmanship, which requires a pair of big callused hands, smart thinking and a creative mind. This craft is also needed for building choppers like the way they used to do it way back. Those days, there were no shelves packed full of ready-made chopper-parts… let alone AutoCAD and CNC machines.

L&L Choppers believes that traditional craftsmanship should never be lost. Because… what is more unique than a hand-fabricated bike? Here are some photos from a homemade tank for Jacques’ Softail and the fabrication of a coil cover with a power hammer. Check Craftsmanship for more photos.

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Old Skool Bike for Tim

For our client Tim we are building an old skool bike, a shift lever was required.


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