Sportster 5 speed with AttackKIT

This Evo Sportster 5 speed is again the basis for a project to achieve a Bobber or Old Skool look.

This engine is sold for € 3,850.00.

If you use a Bobber, Medium or Chopper frame with oil tank for € 1,495.00 you can build your dream machine in your spare hours.

If you are unable to realize this building project yourself, we will gladly help!

sportster attackKIT
sportster attackKIT

Evo 1996 donor motorfiets + frame

For the bobber or chopper builders we offer an Evo donor engine, without the original frame, for € 6.975, -. The hardtail frame costs € 1.495,-. The donor motor is only sold with a new frame.

evo kit
evo kit

Sporty 1200 CC Bobber

We have a raw build bobber on sale with a licenseplate. This sportster has a 1200 cc engine, black retro springer and 16 inch wheels. The fat tank makes it a true Old Bobber.

It goes for a price of € 12750.- to the new owner!

Bobber 1200 sporty
Bobber 1200 sporty


Vintage chopper fans will recognize the Wassell peanut tank.
In the sixties and seventies, this fuel tank was the no #1 choice for every true chopperfreak. Over the years, this little tank even earned a iconic status! Nowadays, the Wassell peanut has a true come-back. Skinny and sleek is the norm again, and on the toptube of every retro lane-splitter belongs a Wassell. However, It takes hours and hours to find an Original on eBay, which probably costs a little fortune as well… Luckily, the aftermarket jumps in on these needs of the modern bikers and there are perfect looking reproductions being made of this classic fuel tank.

L&L Choppers (of course) have these Wassell-style tanks on the shelves. We already offered the Wassell chopper (A) and the Wassell bobber (B) style fuel-tanks. But now we also have the Real Deep version (C).

Do you want to know more? Contact us by phone or visit the shop!   


See-Through Oiltanks from L&L Choppers

One of the most succesfull products of L&L are their stainless oiltanks.

One day they started with only two sorts, one with a small diameter and one with a big.
But pretty soon people wanted oval oiltanks, tanks with ribs, oilbags with an integrated batterybox, tanks in Moon style and much more. L&L has all these tanks in stock now but that still does not seem enough.

Therefore they made a new one. An oiltank with see-through sides!
These oiltanks are also made from stainless steel and are available with one or two see-through sides. L&L oiltanks are of a high quality, designed and made in house and they come with a three point mounting system.

The L&L tanks will fit almost any project but if they don’t L&L can make them fit for you.

Stainless Steel Licenseplateholders

For years we have been handmaking strong simple metal licenseplateholders for our customers. Reason enough to take these items into production. We decided to make them from stainless this time because we can either sell them in high polished versions or in matt versions. Our stainless license plateholders don’t vibrate into several pieces and are as strong as our popular handmade holders were thanks to the smart contsruction.

They are also kept as small as possible. It’s bad enough that these plates are as big as they are, we don’t want to make them look bigger by adding extra material on the holders.  At the moment we have stainless licenseplateholders in stock, suitable for mounting the popular Stoplight and the clean Cone light. Both are rearlights we sell. Want to know what other products L&L designs and produces just for you? give us a call