TwinCam Hardtail Project

Customer Marc is hired by owners of yachts as captain to sail over the sunny Mediterranean. Marc came up with the request to build a bike that looks rough and that he could use even when going to his employers.

This is the result, a beautiful bike with many details.

Twin cam Hardtail with i beam a
Twin cam Hardtail with i beam a

Twin cam Hardtail with i beam b
Twin cam Hardtail with i beam b

Hardtail for the Twincam

The Twincams are coming more and more on the market and to build a chopper with it, we have Hardtail frames in all shapes and sizes.

This example is a bobber with a 200 mm band. We have switched to a chain for the drive, to create a real bobber look.

Hardtail frame for TwinCam
Hardtail frame for TwinCam

Hardtail frame for TwinCam

The TwinCam is a block that was born in the year 2000. We are now 18 years further so it is logical that this block is now also used for a different design and style.

We have a TwinCam Hardtail frame for a Bobberstyle, an Old Skool and everything in between.


We continue to innovate at L&L!

Here you can see a hardtail frame with an I-Beam connection between the block and the triple tree. This frame is made for a Dyna TwinCam block and transmission. Further more we have a 18-inch rear wheel with brass spoke nipples and a 200 tire mounted on the chopper. The front wheel is 23-inch.

The rear fork of the springer is an I-beam design and the front of the springer is going to be something special. The tank, exhaust pipes and rear fender are also Homemade.

I Beam hardtail frame
I Beam hardtail frame

I Beam hardtail frame for Dyna

We continue to innovate at L&L!

See here a hardtail frame with an I-beam connection from the block to the steering head. This frame is made for a Dyna twincam block and gearbox.

i beam hardtail frame

We use a 200 rear tire and a 23-inch front wheel.

We’re also looking at whether we can make something special of the springer that we’re going to use. We’ll keep you updated!

Highneck for Filip

L&L Choppers builds all styles, from old skool to modern. Filip from Belgium at the right place by L & L Choppers to build a typical American chopper with a Jesse James look! A highneck frame with single downtube was tailored around a reliable TwinCam block.

Fun features include a oiltank with sight glass and a specially designed tank. Long, tall and skinny, and it had to be an ultra slim front fork because it fits beautifully in this picture! Real eye-catchers are the machined aluminum wheels with skulls. The highneck is not yet finished, but the looks are already good!


L&L Hardtail frames for Twin Cam and Evo

Riding awesome, though budget-friendly choppers is put on the map by L&L Choppers with their succesfull AttacKit for Sportsters. Of course this Dutch chopper-company didn’t want to disadvantage the fans of bigtwin Evo & Twin Cam Harley-Davidsons!
Finally a ready-to-fit L&L hardtail frame is designed for the Twin Cam A and B, the Electra, FXR and Dyna.


Do you want to build a sleek lane-splitter? Or can’t you get your eyes off those wonderfull bobbers in the biker-mag? The possibilities of the new L&L frame are endless, as it’s available in both bobber (low) and chopper (high) look. Well, you’ve probably stopped reading at the word ‘budget-friendly?
The fun starts at a very affordable price and you’re ready to convert your stock softy into a tough hardtail choppa’.
Of course your Evo or Twin Cam drive-train can be spooned in the frame in an eye-blink. But also components such as forks, wheels and brakes will fit.


That the dedicated chopper freak will not use too many stock parts is needless to say.
L&L Choppers offers a wide selection of accessories such as mudguards, oil- and fuel tanks, handlebars, controls, seats and so on.
With a little effort, the backyard-builder will succeed in bringing the project to a good end.

But do you stumple upon some teething problems?
The experts at L&L Choppers will support you