Hardtail frame for the Flathead

The wishes of the customer are very important to us. The frame is therefore carefully composed in consultation with the customer. In this case, for a Harley-Davidson WLA – The Liberator, it has become a tubular frame with a casting for the engine block and gearbox.

Engine block upgrade

If the paint job is successful and we start rebuilding a project, we will look at what appearance the bike needs.

For an old look, keep the donor block in its current state. We upgrade the block for a chic look. In this case we did this with vintage valve covers and gray with black cylinders and a ribbed primary cover.

Forward controle for the KH

The shift pedal on the Sportster KH is on the rightside. Because this is not the most ideal situation, we put the foot pedal from the rightside to left at the customer’s request.

Through the use of an axle, levers and rods we give a vintage look to the Boardtracker.

Black NG Retro Springer (30375WE)

The photo shows a springer with a short length, the difference is that the eye of the brake rod higher is attached on the right side, which is favorable for the braking action. With a L&L brake plate you can attach the original caliper again.

This jumper has a reasonable price of € 1195.-

springer 30375WE
springer 30375WE

Gold Chain 1001103

If you’ve got a project where brass is reflected in the theme than the gold chain 1001103 is a nice detail for the finishing touches!

chain gold 1001103

Multibolt Triple Trees 30381DA

If you’re building a chopper with a Upside down fork. Then you need to have triple trees that are in proportion with the fork. That is why we’ve chosen for the Multibolt triple trees in a polished version.

upside down multibolts trees A 30381DA
upside down multibolts trees A 30381DA

Homemade Exhausts!

Exhaust D

If you’re building a special chopper than the exhausts play a big part in its appearance. That’s why we make exhausts according to your wishes.

From Mild to Wild!

Hardcore headlight 1302645

For a customer we’re building a Highneck chopper and he came up with the desire to use a V-Rod headlight.

Initially we needed to get used to the idea, but it gives a sleek and different look and that’s our goal!

Hardcore headlight 1302645
Hardcore headlight 1302645

The Kings and Queens seats are back!

A customer who has attained the age of 60 has already driven for a while on his original Sportster with a Kings and Queens seat, but he didn’t get the 70’s feeling with it.

Therefore he asked us how we could solve this problem, so here’s the 2011 Sportster in a Softail frame (10164) with hardtail look.

We will disassemble the Sportster and then it will go to the painter.

Kings and Queens seat
Kings and Queens seat


Stainless Steel Oval Electricbox 1302408

We already had an electric box for the sportster engines 1302405-6, but now we also have an universal box. This is also made of stainless steel and can be used for every chopper. They are made to fit an ignition switch, startbutton (without relay) and a high-low switch for the headlight.
That’s all you need to build an awesome chopper!


White Wall Tires

The White Wall tires are often used with a powder-coated rim to enhance the effect.
Here they are mounted on chrome rims.

White Wall Tires