Photoshoot – Yuri’s AttacKIT

You’ve probably already seen a few photos come by from Yuri’s AttacKIT, but now we’ve got the full photoshoot! For the photos click here: Yuri’s AttacKIT

A little recap:

To build a simple Sportster chopper, that was Yuri’s intention, who lives just a stone’s throw away from L&L Choppers. But, as you can see, it has not stayed simple!

Old School with Panhead look
Old School with Panhead look

Photoshoot – Kings and Queens for Richard

A customer who has reached the age of 60 already drove for a while on his original Sportster with Kings and Queens seat, but didn’t get the 70’s feeling from it.

He contacted us and asked how we could solve this. See here the result a 2011 Sportster with softail frame and a hardtail look.

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Softail frame (10164RI) for a sportster 2004 up
Kings and Queens

Highneck for Filip – Photoshoot

From Old Skool to Modern, here at L&L Choppers we’re building all kinds of styles. Filip from Belgium came to the right place, L&L Choppers, to build a typical American chopper with a Jesse James look. A highneck with a single downtube frame that was custom-made around a reliable Twincam block.

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Highneck zoals het hoort
Highneck zoals het hoort

Pat’s Drag Black Shadow – Photoshoot

Some time back the plan, to buy a beautiful Harley, occurred to me. First I wanted to pick something standard but after some orientating and looking around at other shops, L&L was still the place to be. When I entered the shop, I was immediately sold. I wanted a chopper that would be built by L&L. Since I myself am not technical this  seemed like it was the best idea.

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Pat Drag met 18 inch x 200 band achter en 21 inch voor
Pat Drag met 18 inch x 200 band achter en 21 inch voor

Tims’ Speedhole Sportster – Photoshoot

Tim was on holiday in Spain and to kill the time he was reading a biker magazine.Then his eye fell on a cool, old skool bike: a bike with a raw industrial look, when his eyes were drawn onto the pierced ape-hanger. Once in the Netherlands, he knocked on the door at L&L Choppers with the Spanish magazine under his arm.

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Old skool voor Tim
Old skool voor Tim