Special single-sided swingarm

This single-sided swingarm is constructed from beefy, heavy gauge steel tubing  and allows a rear tire up to a 280 series to be mounted on a 20-inch wheel with a 31mm wide pulley.
The frame is made of round shaped thick tubes.

Sporty Racester

We continued with a 2-in-1 racing exhaust set with a silencer to further enhance the racing appearance. This style also includes backward controls. We will also look at a ‘racing butt’ for the saddle. By mounting a side license plate we keep the rear fender bare and tight over the tire.

Budget Oldskool

We transferred as many parts as possible from the donor engine to the new attack kit frame. To put the finishing touches on the bike, we installed a Chopper tank, 2 mm thick rear fender, homemade leather pan saddle, homemade exhausts and the attack kit oil tank.

Since the customer works in construction and would like to incorporate an item from this profession into his Oldskool Chopper, we made a Sissy bar from a piece of rebar. A nice incident is that we got this rebar from the owner who participated in the TV program; ‘Women who Build’. The whole is finished with a license plate with break light.

Sportster ’70s Chopper

We are finalizing the design of this Chopper. Upon request, we installed a large chopper tank and customized it for extra capacity.

We have also manufactured a saddle plate for a Kings and Queen saddle and an accompanying sissy bar. The Upswept Trumpet exhausts make it a real seventies bike!

Oldskool Chopper

Customer David still had a donor engine in the shed. But yes… an original one, while he had been dreaming of an Old Skool Hardtail for years.

We reused the engine, front fork and wheels and supplemented the rest with parts to get the chopper exactly the way you want it.

Budget Bike

Decades ago, this was a common and attractive way for a setup. At the time, you could buy Japanese star wheels and an Up-Side down fork with brakes very cheaply.

Mounted this in a Hardtail frame and voilà…. a racing monster with charisma!

Over 30 inch front fork

Most customers come to us for what we are known for, such as a custom frame and engine construction from budget to exclusive. But we also receive visitors with unusual questions. In this case, a customer was looking for a long front fork for an electric vehicle and we can of course also arrange that at L&L.

Donor project

Sometimes we receive a new project that initially did not work out completely.
In consultation with the owner, L&L will make something beautiful again.

For the new job we will use a rear wheel, front wheel, box and block from the donor engine to turn it into a Thunderbike variant. This is equipped with a single side swingarm.

Asian landmarks

A while ago I was invited by a customer to visit a motorcycle show in beautiful Thailand.
A good idea to see and, above all, experience something innovative outside Europe.

Judge yourself!


A while ago we manufactured a lowered frame for customer Silvio, suitable for a Ford eight-cylinder flathead block. After this, Silvio took over the further construction of the Ford, he will come back for the finishing touches.

It was a thrill to see the hot rod again!

Old School Chopper frames

There is currently a demand for the L&L Chopper frames from all over the world.

In France, customer Mathieu is going to make something special out of it. In Germany customer Mike creates a beautiful Chopper from his attack kit and for Dave from the Netherlands L&L can build an Old School version.