One day Ken called us from Scotland.
He had seen one of our bikes in a magazine and wanted to know if we could build him one too. ‘No prrroblem, mate’  we said in our best Scottisch accent.

Later we found out  Ken actually had already bought a L&L attackit frame for a 2009 Sportster from us and had done some work on it already. We just had to finish it.
The roller was sent to Holland and we started wrenching on it. Ken was pretty specific about what he wanted. He even made some  cool computer-images of his bike to be.
We handfabbed some one-off parts like the RSD style pipes and simplified  forward controls. Ken liked to have a side-bag so we made him a bag and had it upholstered by Karin van Vliet, a bag following the lines of the frame.  He also wanted to rest his arse on a large tractor-seat.
One look at it and we knew we had to do what we like best. Chop the damn thing!
So we chopped of the sides, added some extra steel and had the whole thing brassed.  Yeah, now it looks good. A lot of work went into the small details.

Since Ken really preferred a black and gold paintjob  we also incorparated a lot of Brass elements. The Brass Pegs and Grips are one-offs for instance. Master pintsriper El Cheapo from Belgium came to Holland to do the striping.

It says  ‘Dusgadh’ on the gastank which is ancient Gealic for  ‘resurrection’.
There is a Dragon on the tank too.
The Dragon has always played a big part in Gealic and Scottish mytholgy.
El Cheapo gave it his best and created a bitchin’ pinstripe-dragon.

Recently Ken picked up the bike and drove it to Scotland. The next day we got an e-mail that him and his mates were very impressed by the work we did.
They had just been sitting around the bike for hours admiring every bit of handywork. Sweeet!