Pat’s Drag Black Shadow

Some time back the plan, to buy a beautiful Harley, occurred to me. First I wanted to pick something standard but after some orientating and looking around at other shops, L&L was still the place to be. When I entered the shop, I was immediately sold. I wanted a chopper that would be built by L&L. Since I myself am not technical this  seemed like it was the best idea.

At the shop there was already a chopper that I liked, it should be something like that one but I like matte black and the one I saw was gray. It was also nice but it needed to be matte black.

As you can see, it worked. Some time ago I could pick it up and when I saw him I wasn’t able to say anything. When Sjaak turn it on we could only smile, what a sound! After a test drive, I could take him home and the way back home I had a big smile on my face, what a machine!