Swedish touch

The test rounds have been driven again, so the chopper can go to the customer. A model with a long fork, low and down, is described as a Swedish model. Jaap wanted such a long front fork that gives you a Swedish chopper feeling.

The large capacity tank and the softail frame do not belong to this style, but make the chopper unique and completely according to the customer’s wishes. Many kilometers will be driven with it, so the comfortable sitting position is a bonus!

Softail Highneck

The chopper painted in British Racing Green for Pieter is ‘ready-to-go’!

The extended frame is adapted to the posture for a perfect sitting position. Because of the long tank and the oval oil tank, everything is nicely proportioned. For the exhaust system we opted for a two-in-one with a muffler. The stabilizer on the front fork is equipped with a removable mudguard. The 200 mm rear tire gives a nice look and is not too wide.

The nice weather is coming, so let’s enjoy it!!!

Sportster 2006 Softail for Jordi

Customer Jordi has ordered a bicycle parts from L&L, consisting of a custom Softail frame, wheels and various other parts.
Jordi was already well on his way with the design because he already had, among other things, a special oil tank and rear mudguard.
We helped with the last things and see here the result!

Oil tank

Dutch Dragster on Softail Frame

For customer Dennis we used a softail frame, 240 rear tire, retro springer and 23 inch front wheel.

The paintwork of the fender, tank and front fork are in rough metal with a “rust” appearance.

The details in bronze are the finishing touche!

Bobber softail for 200 tire – Martin

We hung the sportster engine in a Softail and with it we made a traditional bobber with ribbed items.

The rear fender has been designed with a rib and wip, an oval oil tank with rib, a ribbed camcover and a primary box.

The tank has a knucklehead shape with a rib.

Bobber - Martin - front-right
Bobber – Martin – front-right

Bobber - Martin - backside-left
Bobber – Martin – backside-left

Evo Softail

Customer Sam bought all the parts from us 10 years ago. But after 9 years he still hadn’t build his bike. With the help of L&L this has finally become the result!

Evo Softail
Evo Softail

Sportster Softail Frame

Sportster Softail Frame

We have manufactured a Softail frame for the Sportster with holes in the rear. The dimensions are from a bobber with a 200 mm rear tire.

Photoshoot – Kings and Queens for Richard

A customer who has reached the age of 60 already drove for a while on his original Sportster with Kings and Queens seat, but didn’t get the 70’s feeling from it.

He contacted us and asked how we could solve this. See here the result a 2011 Sportster with softail frame and a hardtail look.

For more photos click here: http://www.l-l-choppers.com/ll-photo-gallery/old-school/richard-kings-and-queens/?lang=en

Softail frame (10164RI) for a sportster 2004 up
Kings and Queens

DF Softail Frame New Generation

With this frame (10116NG) the lowered seat catches your eyes and is formed with a curved swingarm and a matching Drag Tank (50530). The frame is custom made for each desired engine, fork and band width.

DF Softail Frame
DF Softail Frame

Zero Style Evo Softail

For a client we’re building a Zero Style chopper.

This time the basis is a softail with an Evo engine, of course that includes a Gooseneck and we mounted the springer so that the springers are lower. The bottom of the tank is made to flow with the curves of the cylinderheads.

zero style evo softail

New Skool Chopper for customer Arie

Customer Arie is letting L&L build a chopper with only modern parts. He is taking it easy, each time whenever he gets some money we’re going to continue to build his dream chopper.

The man doesn’t directly opt for the cheapest parts. So you see our DF drag style frame in Softail version, a thick black covered L&L Fat Glide fork and striking Contrast Cut wheels.