Jiffy in various versions

After having built a lot of bikes, this is the most used jiffy. Ideal with a weldable attachment and held in place with a ball and an extra thick spring, all made in Holland.

We have them in various versions.

Visible on the photo (FLTR): Rough with holes, rough without holes (€ 195,-), black, chrome, mat chrome, brass and gray chrome.


Evo engine in black and chrome

This new old familiar Evo engine, equipped with 1600 cc in black and chrome, will be used for a Bobber build.

We already have mounted a Horn airfilter and we will also add Knucklehead covers.

To be continued…!

Evo black and chrome 1600cc
Evo black and chrome 1600cc

Blade Springer in chrome and color

We’re finishing a boardtracker where we’ve used this blade jumper (30900ST).

The swingarm is painted in the old original green color of the bike. The leaf springs, swings and the forks are chromed.

The handlebar has inverted vintage handles (1203240) which are reversed handles with cable control. On the brake side the cable goes over to a hydraulic brake reservoir to control the front brake.

The whole is completed by a very old headlight!

Blade Springer Chrome
Blade Springer Chrome

White Wall Tires

The White Wall tires are often used with a powder-coated rim to enhance the effect.
Here they are mounted on chrome rims.

White Wall Tires

Alignment work

For a customer, we aligned the engine, the transmission and the rear wheel. There is also a long Springer mounted and then the tank was attached.

  • 80859JEL     Right Side Drive transmission
  • 50515JEL      Long Sportster style tank
  • 30415JEL      Long chrome springer
  • 20258JEL     21 inch front wheel
  • 2025BJEL     18 inch rear wheel