Attackkit with RDW approved self-build license plate

We have been making frames according to customer wishes for 35 years, but we have also been working with the Attackkit for a long time. This is a frame where everything from a donor engine can be built to the shape and taste of the customer. The customer can do this all by himself, but we can also help with this. In this case we have provided the rough build with license plate.

Hardtail frame for the Flathead

The wishes of the customer are very important to us. The frame is therefore carefully composed in consultation with the customer. In this case, for a Harley-Davidson WLA – The Liberator, it has become a tubular frame with a casting for the engine block and gearbox.

Early Shovel with Zerostyle hardtail

Koen is a great lover of the Zerostyle chopper. After the renovations on his bikes there was an Early Shovel in the corner of the garage, suitable for a new project.

L & L has made the hardtail frame to koen’s desired specifications and because of his busy profession, and therefore a shortage of free time, we also helped with the design.

Gooseneck Frame for Sportster 2004-up

The Sportster engines from 2004-up are more and more on the market, hence the question of whether we can make frames for them.

Of course we can, we have been doing this for a while!

In this example you see the Gooseneck model.

gooseneck sportster 2004 model
gooseneck sportster 2004 model

Sportster 5 speed with AttackKIT

This Evo Sportster 5 speed is again the basis for a project to achieve a Bobber or Old Skool look.

This engine is sold for € 3,850.00.

If you use a Bobber, Medium or Chopper frame with oil tank for € 1,495.00 you can build your dream machine in your spare hours.

If you are unable to realize this building project yourself, we will gladly help!

sportster attackKIT
sportster attackKIT

Sportster KH Freestyle Boardtracker

The KH 1952 Sportster falls in between the Liberator and the Ironhead Sportster. It is something that we have not used before.

For the design we opted for a Hardtail with a single downtube.

The front and rear wheel are both 21 inch. Both the rear and the front have the original drum brakes and are fitted with special tires.

The springer is in an I Beam version with lots of details such as a 20s tank with homemade cap, an oil tank with see through glasses and copper pipes, a boardtracker seat and the foot switch that has been brought from right to left!

KH - Hans - Front right
KH – Hans – Front right

KH - Hans - Backside left
KH – Hans – Backside left

Harley Rocker Special

Gary, a fanatic builder from London, was looking for a special hardtail frame for his Rocker. A rear tire of 240 mm, a low seating position and a spider web were his wishes, he asked if that was possible?

L & L loves challenges and tries to make every wish possible, this is the result!

Rocker Hardtail special
Rocker Hardtail special

Boardtracker Chopper Kit

For years we have had the concept of the AttackKit, consisting of a frame and an oil tank. Suitable for building the finest choppers with a donor engine.

Due to customer demand, we have put together a Boardtrack set. Consisting of an L&L Style Boardtrack frame, powder coated wheels without tires and a Retro springer for the price of € 3845.-.

Do you want another option? Then call, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Boardtracker Kit
Boardtracker Kit

I-Beam springer in L&L Style

With the chopper of customer Mark we’ve used an I-Beam for the connection between the triple-trees and the lower frame.

This is continued to the springer and with an L&L Style front fork.

Chopper AttacKIT Frame

This is another nice build of an attacKIT frame. To enter the 70’s we’ve used a chopper with a standard fork. The sissy bar with King and Queen saddle gives you that a seventies feeling and with a cheerful fishtail that makes it complete. In the attic we still have a whole lot of 70 years of handlebars.