Stainless Steel Licenseplateholders

For years we have been handmaking strong simple metal licenseplateholders for our customers. Reason enough to take these items into production. We decided to make them from stainless this time because we can either sell them in high polished versions or in matt versions. Our stainless license plateholders don’t vibrate into several pieces and are as strong as our popular handmade holders were thanks to the smart contsruction.

They are also kept as small as possible. It’s bad enough that these plates are as big as they are, we don’t want to make them look bigger by adding extra material on the holders.  At the moment we have stainless licenseplateholders in stock, suitable for mounting the popular Stoplight and the clean Cone light. Both are rearlights we sell. Want to know what other products L&L designs and produces just for you? give us a call