The most important invention of mankind!

The most important invention of mankind must have been ‘the wheel’.
Every self-respecting bike-builder takes the type of wheels (and tires!) seriously in the design of a chopper. Spoke wheels give a different look to a chopper than a set of ultramodern billet aluminum wheels, right?  

L&L Choppers offers specially machined rims with skulls, tribals and many other conceivable graphics. Powder coating is available in all colors of the rainbow. Also, there is plenty of choice of sizes. Go for a chopper look? Then you might want to have a 21 incher in front. In our stable we also have a board-tracker with two 23-inch wheels. Or is it a racey look that you want to go for? Or do you want to cruise around whith such an impressive 360 mm rubber under your butt?

L&L Choppers delivers rims in all shapes and sizes. Do you have any doubts?
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!
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