Second shop for L&L Choppers

L&L Choppers from Opmeer, the North of Holland, is working on their 2th shop in Rijen since a few months. The shop is located near Breda and the Belgian border.
December 28th & 29th 2013 the doors were publicly opened for the first time. The castle-like interiour is realised with help of the Nimeto school. Eye-popping was the special Tokyo Thug corner with Japanese chopper parts. L&L Choppers have put a few of their best bikes in the brand new show-room. Two big-twin highnecks stood on both sides of the raw metal entrance. Central to the showroom was the trophee-winning Panster of L&L’s engineer Paul. An unfinished Buell rigid chop in English streetfighter tradition looked very promising, ans so was the raw Attackit Sportster of L&L’s helper Richard.
However this wasn’t the official grand opening, the open days were a huge succes. Many bikers from Holland and Belgium visited the new shop in Rijen this weekend.

Early 2014 the shop will be officially opened. Be there!