The KH Boardtracker

Are you inspired by the Discovery series Harley and the Davidsons? We sure are! It’s nice to see the competition between Harley Davidson and Indian (now topical again).

In our hearts the founders were real men, how they started is really awesome and very recognizable. In the series, it’s also great to see that a group of men (and a women!) were tinkering with each other, the basis for a real motorcycle club.

Racing with motorcycles is not really our thing, but it sure feels good. That’s why we don’t want you to miss this; the KH Boardtracker version.

The front and rear wheels are both 21 inch with original drums. Home made tank from that era, a few rough looking exhausts, round oil tank with a see-through glass and brass cap, steering wheel with reverse handles and wooden handles on an I Beam springer.

We are still working to bring the shift side a bit more from the right to the left. because this shifts somewhat more pleasant.

KH Boardtracker
KH Boardtracker