Structural work of the Highneck

Due to the length of the customer, we have opted for an extended frame. Due to the long tank and an oval oil tank, everything is nicely in proportion. We opted for a two-in-one with an end silencer for the exhaust system.

The stabilizer on the front fork is equipped with a removable mudguard, we have refitted the original front brake disc and finished it with a nice, well-functioning brake caliper.
Now on to the inspection!

In Between Glide Springer

You have wide glide springers and narrow springers.
With the narrow springers, a narrow wheel hardly fits between them and certainly no brake caliper.
The solution is the in-between glide springer, despite its narrow appearance, a narrow wheel with a reduction set can be mounted.

Can it be a little longer…?

Customer Henri has been driving this fork for about 25 years and thinks it is time to make a change.
The question was asked whether it was possible to fit a longer fork, and as you know… we don’t like to say no.
After building a new frame for a fork that’s 10 inch longer than the old one, we roughly build up some part.

Tillerbar handlebar

We continues for the Swedish Chopper with the handlebars. What should certainly not be missing is the Tillerbar, the angle and length are determined by the seating position.

The foot at the mounting on the triple trees and a rotated stabilizing bar are “finishing touches”!

Cast iron axlemount

We build our frames with a thicker tube diameter and customers regularly ask for rear axle mountings of cast iron.

To meet this requirement, this is the new version for the 19 mm (¾) rear axle.

Structural work ready

The structural work of the Triumph Boardtracker is completed. As you can see it consists of a lot of parts, many of them will be chrome plated and the parts that needs to be painted can be blasted and put in the epoxy.

We have opted for a dark color blue. The block will be disassembled, then polished and then the cylinders gets painted. As the cream of the crop, some rib covers will be made for it.

Frame registration

We have again offered a few frames to the RDW for the engraving of a frame number.
The registration of the frame and associated gearbox and block is the way to obtain an official registration certificate and only applies for the Dutch market.

De Zweedse Chopper

The real Swedish Chopper look is already starting to take hold. A sissybar has been created in true Swedish style and of course also useful for luggage during holiday trips.

The tank greatly determines the look, so we took the time to do this. Because an inch wider, narrower or shorter… it makes a world of difference!

Various styles

So many people, so many styles. The tastes of the customers vary widely and that is a new challenge for us every time.

At the moment we have two that can’t be more opposite of each other, a Highneck with all tubes in a curved shape and a race model with a set of Japanese wheels and up-side down fork with custom triple trees.


It’s winter time again, a perfect time to build.

So many people, so many wishes. The first frame is for a Belgian customer who has a Sportster block laying around. We will supply the racing wheels, the upside-down fork with plates and give it a little bit of shaping.

The second frame is for the Dyna donor and goes to France.

The latter are for the Evo with 5 gears in a Highneck version on hardtail and softail basis.

Thierry’s old skool bike

A few years ago, Thierry, Swiss native now living in Hong Kong, dropped by L&L while working as a pilot. After a good conversation, he went home in the plane with a frame and parts.

“For the story of the bike, I bought all the parts from you guys in the shop on my layovers in AMS. Flew them back myself as a pilot in my plane from AMS to HKG. 

The bike was all built in my living room in my house in Hong Kong, and parts fabricated by hand by myself on my mini lathe, mini mill and TIG welder in my small 8m2 shop on the roof top of the house.

I had no prior mechanical skills or knowledge  and learnt all the skills from watching You Tube and reading books.

Parts like the oil tank are made from 2 recycled fire extinguishers cut in half and welded together. Many parts are fabricated from raw steel and designed by myself.”

Chopper Yuri

Yuri gave some extra shape to his chopper on his hobby day. Under the watchful eye of Paul, the rear fender was made and mounted with stylish fixings.

Furthermore, the brake plate is equipped with a small adjustment option and is concealed behind the pullover.

To be continued!

Suzuki Boardtracker

We are now one step further in the construction process of the Boardtracker.

The petrol tank is matched to the pump because it is a petrol injection engine block. Furthermore, the rear wheel is aligned and by customizing the chain we also know the position, this is necessary to make the fixings on the mudguard.

The customer Pieter has opted for a mudguard with a short appearance.