Boardtracker in L&L Style

Customer Richy is every year in Saint Tropez to look at the different creations at the annual “Chopper and Custom Show”.

After years of thinking about joining the show, he went looking for the style that attracted him.

Rightly so he arrived at the Boardtracker style, Richy went for the L&L (drag) Boardtracker.

The seating position is lower so that you’re more seated in the engine and not on it.

Furthermore, there are many beautiful details such as a 20s tank, L&L Style Leaf jumper, boardtracker handlebar, changing gear along side the tank, panhead covers, kickstarter and much more …

On to Saint Tropez!

Boardtracker with Freestyle tank

For customer Mario we’re currently working on the design.

The most striking thing is Mario’s desire to create a Freestyle tank. As far as we are concerned, this has succeeded!

Boardtracker with homemade tank
Boardtracker with homemade tank

Boardtracker Chopper Kit

For years we have had the concept of the AttackKit, consisting of a frame and an oil tank. Suitable for building the finest choppers with a donor engine.

Due to customer demand, we have put together a Boardtrack set. Consisting of an L&L Style Boardtrack frame, powder coated wheels without tires and a Retro springer for the price of € 3845.-.

Do you want another option? Then call, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Boardtracker Kit
Boardtracker Kit

Showpieces on the open day

Youngster Rino has opted for spraying with a rough metal appearance.

Dutch dragster
Dutch dragster

At the KH Boardtracker we went for the Indian red.

KH boardtracker
KH boardtracker

Youngster Rino & KH Boardtracker

For Youngster Rino we are working on the last pieces, this showpiece will be shown next weekend in Rijen.

Youngster Rino
Youngster Rino

The KH Boardtracker is approaching its final phase and will certainly become a crowd puller.

KH Boardtracker
KH Boardtracker

Triumph Boardtracker

Out of curiosity Rik visited the open days in the shop in Rijen. Once inside, while enjoying a cup of coffee, he saw the Boardtrackers.

The thing is Rik had still a little project laying around, a Triumph and after weeks of bad sleep he wanted to do something with it. He decided that he wanted to build a Boardtracker with his Triumph.

When delivering the engine, Rik indicated that he would like to be surprised, this is obviously very risky, because then the bucket of inspiration and creativity at L&L flows over! A must is the 23 inch narrow rims and tires with line profile, the 30’s tank and a special springer.

Rik's Triumph Sjaak
Rik’s Triumph Sjaak

Rik's Triumph
Rik’s Triumph

Photoshoot – Vintage Boardtracker for Dimitri

Dimitri comes from Belgium and is an entrepreneur in the cleaning business. He has just become a father 08-09-2014, but in addition there will be yet another new member in the family! See here the Sportster Boardtracker project, were the two 23-inch wheels form the basis.

For more information and photos click here:

The Recult Boardtracker Side Right
Vintage Boardtracker voor Dimitri

The KH Boardtracker

Are you inspired by the Discovery series Harley and the Davidsons? We sure are! It’s nice to see the competition between Harley Davidson and Indian (now topical again).

In our hearts the founders were real men, how they started is really awesome and very recognizable. In the series, it’s also great to see that a group of men (and a women!) were tinkering with each other, the basis for a real motorcycle club.

Racing with motorcycles is not really our thing, but it sure feels good. That’s why we don’t want you to miss this; the KH Boardtracker version.

The front and rear wheels are both 21 inch with original drums. Home made tank from that era, a few rough looking exhausts, round oil tank with a see-through glass and brass cap, steering wheel with reverse handles and wooden handles on an I Beam springer.

We are still working to bring the shift side a bit more from the right to the left. because this shifts somewhat more pleasant.

KH Boardtracker
KH Boardtracker

Sportster KH Freestyle Boardtracker

Hans and Annemieke already had the KH for several years at home to restore, but maybe you know the program; My husband is a handyman … !?

The KH 1956 sportster sits between the Liberator and the Ironhead Sportster. It is an engine that we have not used before. For the design we chose a hardtail with a single downtube. The front and rear wheel are both 21 inches. Both back and front with the original drum brakes and special tires.

The springer is in an I Beam version and many details will follow!

Sportster KH Freestyle Boardtracker
Sportster KH Freestyle Boardtracker

Sportster Boardtracker Project

Dimitri comes from Belgium and is an entrepreneur in the cleaning business. Recently he became a dad, but in addition there will be another new member in the family! See here the Sportster boardtracker project, where the two 23-inch wheels are the starting point. The inspiration comes of course from the boardtrack racers of the past.

The hardtail Sportster is slender and slim, thanks to the home-made thirties style tank. The posture is sporty: a low boardtrack steering wheel ensures that the bike looks quick while being stationary. To emphasize the vintage styling, the belt drive is replaced by a chain.

Dimitri gives L&L Choppers the freedom to build something really cool, but obviously he as owner is included at every step.