Gooseneck Frame

It isn’t old and it isn’t new, but a style throughout the years.

Trends come and go. The Gooseneck is not only suitable for a 70s style, but also suitable for a mix of styles. The Retro Springer, Wassel tank, the Early Shovel block with new technology and a 5 gearbox with hydra clutch.

Gooseneck Frame
Gooseneck Frame

Sporty 1200 CC Bobber

We have a raw build bobber on sale with a licenseplate. This sportster has a 1200 cc engine, black retro springer and 16 inch wheels. The fat tank makes it a true Old Bobber.

It goes for a price of € 12750.- to the new owner!

Bobber 1200 sporty
Bobber 1200 sporty

Still the Shovels

You see them now less, but the shovelhead still is a nice engine to make a rough looking chopper. Here we’ve used a hardtail frame with a springer that is placed with some more rake.

  • 10101PIR         Hardtail frame for shovel
  • 30375PiR        Retro black springer
  • 1201260PIR    Black smooth brake handle
  • 50538PIR        Sporstertank with deep tunnel
  • 70709PIR        Rear fender for a 18 or 16 inch wheel