Metalflake Seats

These seats will give your chopper the extra Old Skool look.

1501749 seat diamond with piping, white

1501755 seat diamond with piping, red

1501756 seat diamond with piping, dark gray


Pat’s Drag Black Shadow – Photoshoot

Some time back the plan, to buy a beautiful Harley, occurred to me. First I wanted to pick something standard but after some orientating and looking around at other shops, L&L was still the place to be. When I entered the shop, I was immediately sold. I wanted a chopper that would be built by L&L. Since I myself am not technical this  seemed like it was the best idea.

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Pat Drag met 18 inch x 200 band achter en 21 inch voor
Pat Drag met 18 inch x 200 band achter en 21 inch voor

High-tech beltdrive

L & L continues to look for unique components from our own kitchen or in the market.
This is a belt drive with a slim rear plate and a special slant notched belt.

1001067 High-tech belt drive Helical gears