Roeland’s boyhood dream

Roeland has always wanted to ride a Harley. The dream was always an old skool bobber. With some additional specific wishes. After a good and pleasant introduction, L&L makes this dream come true!

Sporty Racester

We continued with a 2-in-1 racing exhaust set with a silencer to further enhance the racing appearance. This style also includes backward controls. We will also look at a ‘racing butt’ for the saddle. By mounting a side license plate we keep the rear fender bare and tight over the tire.

Pay Attention!

Opening Hours

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Budget Oldskool

We transferred as many parts as possible from the donor engine to the new attack kit frame. To put the finishing touches on the bike, we installed a Chopper tank, 2 mm thick rear fender, homemade leather pan saddle, homemade exhausts and the attack kit oil tank.

Since the customer works in construction and would like to incorporate an item from this profession into his Oldskool Chopper, we made a Sissy bar from a piece of rebar. A nice incident is that we got this rebar from the owner who participated in the TV program; ‘Women who Build’. The whole is finished with a license plate with break light.