L&L Homemade One Off Springer

L&L Homemade One Off Springer

Asking is free… a French customer came to ask if we could make a springer, using a design he had picked out. We at L&L don’t say no so easily, so this is the result. With a hardtail frame included, it will be built into a nice 70s chopper in France.

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Swedish touch

The test rounds have been driven again, so the chopper can go to the customer. A model with a long fork, low and down, is described as a Swedish model. Jaap wanted such a long front fork that gives you a Swedish chopper feeling.

The large capacity tank and the softail frame do not belong to this style, but make the chopper unique and completely according to the customer’s wishes. Many kilometers will be driven with it, so the comfortable sitting position is a bonus!

Front forks for Japanese models

Due to a lack of time, it has been a while since you’ve been able to read some new information from us, but that is going to change in the coming period. For the interested chopper builders, it’s probably known that we can supply front forks for Harley that are longer than 20 inches, as seen in the photos.

However, we’ve been receiving an increase in inquiries from the Japanese chopper community, asking if we could also supply, for example, Honda front forks from the 1980s. In the meantime, we’ve found a solution for this, so whether you’re looking for shorter or longer forks, let us know, and we will investigate their availability.