Panhead covers for Harley

We have another set of Panhead covers left. These can be used for Evo engines but are also suitable for Sportster.

If you are interested, let us know soon because else they’re gone!

Seat shock absorber

If you build a vintage hardtail and want some extra comfort,  a shock absorber with a modern spring system is the solution.

This time we’ve chosen to work with levers.

seat shock absorber
seat shock absorber

Yuri’s AttacKIT

Yuri's AttacKIT

To build a simple Sportster chopper, that was Yuri’s intention, who lives just a stone’s throw away from L&L Choppers.

But, as you can see, it has not stayed simple! Inspired by the enthusiasm of metal-artist Paul, Yuri also got more ideas.

The two decided to build a chopper together with an AttacKIT chopper frame and a Sportster engine as the basis, with emphasis on cool details.

An aftermarket tank is unrecognizable remodeled and the New York style sissybar was created by hand. Also the exhausts are one of a kind! With the springer fork, the aluminum risers and the forward tilted z-bar, it has become a nice and nimble lane-splitter.

High quality jiffy with holes

jiffy with holes

If you are building a chopper with ‘holes’ in various parts, this jiffy can’t be missed.

We’ve chosen for a very high quality jiffy that’s made in Holland, because a jiffy that breaks down is never good!

Hotrod Controls New Generation

Hot rod go NG

No customer is the same and that’s good, because then we can use different parts for the build. The Hotrod Go series with knurled steps are intended to weld on your frame.


Sportster Softail Frame

Sportster Softail Frame

We have manufactured a Softail frame for the Sportster with holes in the rear. The dimensions are from a bobber with a 200 mm rear tire.

Risers in black

These risers, with a distance of 5 cm from the heart, are ideal in order to obtain a low effect of the handlebar. The risers have a nice slim foot and come in black or chrome.

Risers in black
Risers in black

Forward controle for the KH

The shift pedal on the Sportster KH is on the rightside. Because this is not the most ideal situation, we put the foot pedal from the rightside to left at the customer’s request.

Through the use of an axle, levers and rods we give a vintage look to the Boardtracker.