New Generation springer handlebar

For the retro springer we’ve made a handlebar that bends slightly forward after the steering plate giving it a fast appearance.

This edition has fitted with reverse handles.

Retro NG springer stuur
Retro NG springer handlebar

Evo 1996 donor motorfiets + frame

For the bobber or chopper builders we offer an Evo donor engine, without the original frame, for € 6.975, -. The hardtail frame costs € 1.495,-. The donor motor is only sold with a new frame.

evo kit
evo kit

Back to the Seventies

Yuri is a boy who helps us when we need a hand during open days and shows.

Meanwhile, his own chopper has been finished for a while so it started to itch again. Looking around in our second hand treasure room, Yuri came across all kinds of 70s parts and made a small sample with it.


Seventies Chopper
Seventies Chopper

Early Shovel with Zerostyle hardtail

Koen is a great lover of the Zerostyle chopper. After the renovations on his bikes there was an Early Shovel in the corner of the garage, suitable for a new project.

L & L has made the hardtail frame to koen’s desired specifications and because of his busy profession, and therefore a shortage of free time, we also helped with the design.

Early Shovel
Early Shovel

Bobber Softail for 200 tire

We hung the sportster engine in a Softail and with it we made a traditional bobber with ribbed items.

The rear fender has been designed with a rib and wip, an oval oil tank with rib, a ribbed camcover and a primary box.

The tank has a knucklehead shape with a rib.


Bobber Softail 200 tire martin
Bobber Softail 200 tire martin

Triumph Boardtracker

Out of curiosity Rik visited the open days in the shop in Rijen. Once inside, while enjoying a cup of coffee, he saw the Boardtrackers.

The thing is Rik had still a little project laying around, a Triumph and after weeks of bad sleep he wanted to do something with it. He decided that he wanted to build a Boardtracker with his Triumph.

When delivering the engine, Rik indicated that he would like to be surprised, this is obviously very risky, because then the bucket of inspiration and creativity at L&L flows over! A must is the 23 inch narrow rims and tires with line profile, the 30’s tank and a special springer.

Rik's Triumph Sjaak
Rik’s Triumph Sjaak
Rik's Triumph
Rik’s Triumph

AttacKIT for 200 tire with tires

This offer includes an AttacKIT frame, an oil tank, a rear wheel for a 200 tire and a front wheel for a 140 tire or a 21 inch front wheel.

For the price of € 2395,-

AttacKIT for 200 tire

Evo Softail

Customer Sam bought all the parts from us 10 years ago. But after 9 years he still hadn’t build his bike. With the help of L&L this has finally become the result!

Evo Softail
Evo Softail

Handlebar for Retro Springer

During the build of this project we’ve bend the handlebar to fit the shape of the tank. The vintage look is achieved by working with a reversed brake and clutch handle. The handles are furthermore carried out in leather.

Springer Handlebar
Springer Handlebar