Back to the Seventies

Yuri is a boy who helps us when we need a hand during open days and shows.

Meanwhile, his own chopper has been finished for a while so it started to itch again. Looking around in our second hand treasure room, Yuri came across all kinds of 70s parts and made a small sample with it.


Seventies Chopper
Seventies Chopper

Early Shovel with Zerostyle hardtail

Koen is a great lover of the Zerostyle chopper. After the renovations on his bikes there was an Early Shovel in the corner of the garage, suitable for a new project.

L & L has made the hardtail frame to koen’s desired specifications and because of his busy profession, and therefore a shortage of free time, we also helped with the design.

Early Shovel
Early Shovel

Huge turnout open day in Rijen

Rijen stilte voor de storm

Last weekend we had our annual open day in Rijen. We showed off all our  finished and rough finished choppers.

From early in the morning on Saturday the visitors were already there and the visitors continued coming until closing time. Of course, there were many existing customers, but we could also welcome many new faces.

The enthusiasm for our build projects and our custom parts was enormous. We have experienced this as very pleasant and therefore thanks!