Marc from the I-Beam Chopper lives in the sunny South of France. The video shows that we really enjoyed test driving the I-Beam this summer.

Last weekend we traveled to the south to deliver the engine. There, too, the sun was shining, so lovely weather to tour around.

I-Beam – Proefrit

Dutch Dragster on Softail Frame

For customer Dennis we used a softail frame, 240 rear tire, retro springer and 23 inch front wheel.

The paintwork of the fender, tank and front fork are in rough metal with a “rust” appearance.

The details in bronze are the finishing touche!

Blast from the past

Here some bikes that were built a while back but we had yet to work out the pictures.

Hans Old Skool
Hans Old Skool

With this project we used as many parts of the donor engine as possible.

Ronald Old Skool
Ronald Old Skool

With this we went a little further to assemble powder-coated wheels and a springer.

Piret Zero Style
Piret Zero Style

This bike was delivered rough, we kept it that way and with the fork down it gives it a rugged appearance.

Arie Highneck
Arie Highneck

This Highneck is good in proportion, except for the apehanger, we have replaced this with a K&N handlebar.

Boardtracker with Freestyle tank

For customer Mario we’re currently working on the design.

The most striking thing is Mario’s desire to create a Freestyle tank. As far as we are concerned, this has succeeded!

Boardtracker with homemade tank
Boardtracker with homemade tank

Highneck Chopper

It has been a while since we were allowed to build a Highneck Chopper. The customer Peter got the heart of the chopper, the engine, from his old chopper.

We have re-used the engine, gearbox and the transmission. See here the end result. We have used a hardtail frame, long springer front fork and black powder coated wheels and various beautiful details.

Highneck hardtail
Highneck hardtail

Sportster KH Freestyle Boardtracker

The KH 1952 Sportster falls in between the Liberator and the Ironhead Sportster. It is something that we have not used before.

For the design we opted for a Hardtail with a single downtube.

The front and rear wheel are both 21 inch. Both the rear and the front have the original drum brakes and are fitted with special tires.

The springer is in an I Beam version with lots of details such as a 20s tank with homemade cap, an oil tank with see through glasses and copper pipes, a boardtracker seat and the foot switch that has been brought from right to left!

KH - Hans - Front right
KH – Hans – Front right

KH - Hans - Backside left
KH – Hans – Backside left

Boardtracker Chopper Kit

For years we have had the concept of the AttackKit, consisting of a frame and an oil tank. Suitable for building the finest choppers with a donor engine.

Due to customer demand, we have put together a Boardtrack set. Consisting of an L&L Style Boardtrack frame, powder coated wheels without tires and a Retro springer for the price of € 3845.-.

Do you want another option? Then call, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Boardtracker Kit
Boardtracker Kit

I-Beam springer in L&L Style

With the chopper of customer Mark we’ve used an I-Beam for the connection between the triple-trees and the lower frame.

This is continued to the springer and with an L&L Style front fork.

Youngster Rino & KH Boardtracker

For Youngster Rino we are working on the last pieces, this showpiece will be shown next weekend in Rijen.

Youngster Rino
Youngster Rino

The KH Boardtracker is approaching its final phase and will certainly become a crowd puller.

KH Boardtracker
KH Boardtracker

Handlebar for Retro Springer

During the build of this project we’ve bend the handlebar to fit the shape of the tank. The vintage look is achieved by working with a reversed brake and clutch handle. The handles are furthermore carried out in leather.

Springer Handlebar
Springer Handlebar

Huge turnout open day in Rijen

Rijen stilte voor de storm

Last weekend we had our annual open day in Rijen. We showed off all our  finished and rough finished choppers.

From early in the morning on Saturday the visitors were already there and the visitors continued coming until closing time. Of course, there were many existing customers, but we could also welcome many new faces.

The enthusiasm for our build projects and our custom parts was enormous. We have experienced this as very pleasant and therefore thanks!