Stainless steel brakeline for the Old Skool Chopper for Yuri

Yuri helps us out most of the times with some odd jobs during the fair and open days. With some guidance from Paul he is finishing his Old Skool Chopper.

At present he is working on the brakeline. A flexible one is most commonly used, but this time we didn’t want that! Therefore, this time we’ve opted for a fixed brakeline. This is being put in place with chrome brackets.

Stainless steel brakeline
Stainless steel brakeline


Stainless steel Battery tray

Stainless steel Battery tray

  • 1302420 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes
  • 1302423 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, rust appearance
  • 1302425 Stainless steel Battery tray with holes, brass
  • 1302427 Stainless steel Battery tray model open
  • 1302428 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, rust appearance
  • 1302429 Stainless steel Battery tray model open, brass