Vintage handlebar from the 1920s

A customer with a Zero Style Chopper had a handlebar that looked kind of sporty and to stay in this style. After he had been driving around for several years, it was time for this handlebar to give it a Vintage look.

vintage handlebar 1920
vintage handlebar 1920

New Generation springer handlebar

For the retro springer we’ve made a handlebar that bends slightly forward after the steering plate giving it a fast appearance.

This edition has fitted with reverse handles.

Retro NG springer stuur
Retro NG springer handlebar

Handlebar for Retro Springer

During the build of this project we’ve bend the handlebar to fit the shape of the tank. The vintage look is achieved by working with a reversed brake and clutch handle. The handles are furthermore carried out in leather.

Springer Handlebar
Springer Handlebar

Custom Handlebar

For customer Krijn we created a Custom handlebar. We adjusted the brake and clutch levers 1201264SP1201265SP so they can be secured through the handle.

In the levers we have drilled holes and cable are guided through the steering wheel, the handles are made suitable for internal gas 1601402. This is a double bearing implementation.