L&L Choppers opens its doors again on the 1st day of Easter

It might be a little early in the season but on Sunday 1st day of Easter, L&L Choppers will open its doors in Opmeer again to welcome the spring.

Last winter, L&L Choppers obviously did not sit still and there are a number of finished and rough finished bikes ready that we proudly want to show you.

This year you can visit the following projects, among other things;

  • Evo Softail with dragon item
  • Sportster Softail Bobber with raw appearance
  • Rough build Evo Highneck Chopper
  • Tokyo Thug Old Skool
  • Triumph Boardtracker
  • Sportster Boardtracker in rough and finished build
  • Sportster Old Skool from Yuri
  • Sportster with a very wild appearance

We will be open Sunday April 1st at 11:00 and then close the doors again at 16:00. Enough time for a nice day out.

See you on Sunday, April 1st, the coffee and Easter eggs are ready!

Panhead covers for Harley

We have another set of Panhead covers left. These can be used for Evo engines but are also suitable for Sportster.

If you are interested, let us know soon because else they’re gone!

Homemade tank and coil cover

Furniture makers , clock makers , blacksmiths … Fewer and fewer people understand the art of old skool craftsmanship, which requires a pair of big callused hands, smart thinking and a creative mind. This craft is also needed for building choppers like the way they used to do it way back. Those days, there were no shelves packed full of ready-made chopper-parts… let alone AutoCAD and CNC machines.

L&L Choppers believes that traditional craftsmanship should never be lost. Because… what is more unique than a hand-fabricated bike? Here are some photos from a homemade tank for Jacques’ Softail and the fabrication of a coil cover with a power hammer. Check Craftsmanship for more photos.