Structural work of the Highneck

Due to the length of the customer, we have opted for an extended frame. Due to the long tank and an oval oil tank, everything is nicely in proportion. We opted for a two-in-one with an end silencer for the exhaust system.

The stabilizer on the front fork is equipped with a removable mudguard, we have refitted the original front brake disc and finished it with a nice, well-functioning brake caliper.
Now on to the inspection!

In Between Glide Springer

You have wide glide springers and narrow springers.
With the narrow springers, a narrow wheel hardly fits between them and certainly no brake caliper.
The solution is the in-between glide springer, despite its narrow appearance, a narrow wheel with a reduction set can be mounted.

Can it be a little longer…?

Customer Henri has been driving this fork for about 25 years and thinks it is time to make a change.
The question was asked whether it was possible to fit a longer fork, and as you know… we don’t like to say no.
After building a new frame for a fork that’s 10 inch longer than the old one, we roughly build up some part.