Tillerbar handlebar

We continues for the Swedish Chopper with the handlebars. What should certainly not be missing is the Tillerbar, the angle and length are determined by the seating position.

The foot at the mounting on the triple trees and a rotated stabilizing bar are “finishing touches”!

Cast iron axlemount

We build our frames with a thicker tube diameter and customers regularly ask for rear axle mountings of cast iron.

To meet this requirement, this is the new version for the 19 mm (¾) rear axle.

Structural work ready

The structural work of the Triumph Boardtracker is completed. As you can see it consists of a lot of parts, many of them will be chrome plated and the parts that needs to be painted can be blasted and put in the epoxy.

We have opted for a dark color blue. The block will be disassembled, then polished and then the cylinders gets painted. As the cream of the crop, some rib covers will be made for it.