Frame registration

We have again offered a few frames to the RDW for the engraving of a frame number.
The registration of the frame and associated gearbox and block is the way to obtain an official registration certificate and only applies for the Dutch market.

De Zweedse Chopper

The real Swedish Chopper look is already starting to take hold. A sissybar has been created in true Swedish style and of course also useful for luggage during holiday trips.

The tank greatly determines the look, so we took the time to do this. Because an inch wider, narrower or shorter… it makes a world of difference!

Various styles

So many people, so many styles. The tastes of the customers vary widely and that is a new challenge for us every time.

At the moment we have two that can’t be more opposite of each other, a Highneck with all tubes in a curved shape and a race model with a set of Japanese wheels and up-side down fork with custom triple trees.