Boardtracker in L&L Style

Customer Richy is every year in Saint Tropez to look at the different creations at the annual “Chopper and Custom Show”.

After years of thinking about joining the show, he went looking for the style that attracted him.

Rightly so he arrived at the Boardtracker style, Richy went for the L&L (drag) Boardtracker.

The seating position is lower so that you’re more seated in the engine and not on it.

Furthermore, there are many beautiful details such as a 20s tank, L&L Style Leaf jumper, boardtracker handlebar, changing gear along side the tank, panhead covers, kickstarter and much more …

On to Saint Tropez 2019!

Chopper AttacKIT Frame

This is another nice build of an attacKIT frame. To enter the 70’s we’ve used a chopper with a standard fork. The sissy bar with King and Queen saddle gives you that a seventies feeling and with a cheerful fishtail that makes it complete. In the attic we still have a whole lot of 70 years of handlebars.

Highneck Hardtail

It has been a while since we were allowed to build a highneck chopper. The customer, Peter, got the engine from his old chopper. We will use the engine, transmission and drive again for the new build.

Here is the first draft with a hardtail frame, long springer front fork and black powder coated wheels.

Hardtail Highneck Frame
Hardtail Highneck Frame

Gooseneck Frame

It is not old and it is not new, but a style that remains popular over the years. Trends come and go but with the Gooseneck you can go in all directions and is not only suitable for a 70s style.

It’s also suitable for a mix of styles, the Retro Springer, Early Shovel, Sportster block, you name it we make it!

Gooseneck frame
Gooseneck frame