Shinka Chopper

Normally we tell a story about the project, but now we’ve allowed the customer to speak.

Quincy; I was looking for a Japanese Zero style bobber. The Japanese Zero style is characterized by the angle of the front fork (this is somewhat placed down), the lack of a front fender, the gooseneck at the front of the frame, the relatively small tank and half the rear fender integrated with the rear light.

In many examples you see that the direction indicators are placed somewhere else than on the front fork. In this case, on the front side of the frame. For the paint job we’ve chosen a light gray color with a piping finish (pinstripe) based on the Silent Grey Fellows from Harley dates back to the ’10s of the last century.

Shinka means evolution in Japanese, this indicates the evolution towards the zero style and Evo block (in English this word means a strong emotion / feeling; for me a strong positive sense).

The highlight of the construction process was that L&L could build a tank that exactly matched my drawings and wishes.

That L&L could build a tank that matched exactly by myself made drawings and wishes for me was the highlight of the construction process.