L&L is moving temporarily!

Despite ups and downs in the overall chopper industry where many things dropped out, we at L&L have always continued to build the most beautiful creations with great pleasure.

We were even able to open a second one next to our first location. For example, we have had a store in Opmeer Noord Holland and a business in Rijen Brabant for a long time. The location in Rijen covers 1200 square meters of which only a small part was used by us. Lots of unused space so what we wanted to get rid of.

An interested party wanted to buy it, but only on the condition that he could take it over completely(!). So including the space that was taken into use by L&L. It wasn’t what we wanted to hear. We would have liked to have kept our share and for as long as possible. But in the end, with a lot of pain in our hearts, we gave in and we can inform you that L&L can only be visited again in Opmeer at the moment.

So, chopper people from the south, come to Opmeer if you are interested in the purely proprietary parts that L&L has to offer or if you want to have a very special motorcycle built.

Please note this is all temporary! Because of course L&L cannot do without a business in Brabant. We are therefore looking for a smaller accommodation in this province. As soon as it is found, we will let you know immediately here.