Thierry’s old skool bike

A few years ago, Thierry, Swiss native now living in Hong Kong, dropped by L&L while working as a pilot. After a good conversation, he went home in the plane with a frame and parts.

“For the story of the bike, I bought all the parts from you guys in the shop on my layovers in AMS. Flew them back myself as a pilot in my plane from AMS to HKG. 

The bike was all built in my living room in my house in Hong Kong, and parts fabricated by hand by myself on my mini lathe, mini mill and TIG welder in my small 8m2 shop on the roof top of the house.

I had no prior mechanical skills or knowledge  and learnt all the skills from watching You Tube and reading books.

Parts like the oil tank are made from 2 recycled fire extinguishers cut in half and welded together. Many parts are fabricated from raw steel and designed by myself.”

Chopper Yuri

Yuri gave some extra shape to his chopper on his hobby day. Under the watchful eye of Paul, the rear fender was made and mounted with stylish fixings.

Furthermore, the brake plate is equipped with a small adjustment option and is concealed behind the pullover.

To be continued!

Pay attention! Changed opening times

In the coming period, the shop in Opmeer and Rijen will be closed alternately on Saturdays.

Saturday 28 November: Rijen open from 10:00 till 14:00
Saturday 28 November: Opmeer closed

Saturday 5 December: Rijen closed
Saturday 5 December: Opmeer open from 10:00 till 14:00

If you want to be sure that we are present, please call 0226-351955 or check the website.

Suzuki Boardtracker

We are now one step further in the construction process of the Boardtracker.

The petrol tank is matched to the pump because it is a petrol injection engine block. Furthermore, the rear wheel is aligned and by customizing the chain we also know the position, this is necessary to make the fixings on the mudguard.

The customer Pieter has opted for a mudguard with a short appearance.

L&L no longer on the Bigtwin show?

No, unfortunately we will not be with a booth at the Bigtwin show!

Although we have already been at this show for thirty years showing our new creations and products with pleasure, it’s not possible this year. The way the show is set up in connection with Corona makes it impossible for us to see any point in it.

For us, the largest possible number of visitors is necessary. Our product is not for everyone. And we are always looking for new customers. We have to catch people who have never heard of us or who simply know too little about us. We try to overwhelm them with all the beauty that we, as chopper builders, have to offer at our stand. However, we do not expect large numbers with this setup…. That’s reason number one.

Then the contact with old customers. We find this also very important. Just talk, watch and hear what they have built with our stuff. That is also made difficult by the current structure. Mainly because of the one and a half meter regulation, the possible obligation to wear mouth masks and the fact that we think that with all those patronizing rules, much less of our regular customers will come.

In addition, we also see that the public is changing. The visitors who come to the Bigtwin show are much less focused on products and services, at least that’s what we get. We would almost like to say that it seems as if a large part is walking past the stands to the beer tent as quickly as possible… So… we stay at home and hope that our website does enough to attract the right attention.

So keep an eye on us here. We regularly update the site with news, recently completed projects and other interesting chopper issues.

Yuri Swedish Chopper

Time for an update on Yuri’s Swedish Chopper. The pulley and brake disc have been measured and just made. The wheel is aligned and the length of the belt is determined so that we know the position of the wheel.

The disc is behind the pullover to keep the view side of the Chopper as bare as possible, less is more! The next step is to determine the position of the caliper and shape the fender.

We will keep you informed about the progress!

From the old days

This week we found a few projects in our archive that are not yet on the site, but that we don’t want to keep from you!

Evo Softail van Mark
Ruige sportster softail van Roel
Sportster softail van ET
Old skool van Herbert
Shovel softail 70`

AttackKIT with a little help …

Customer Joost has purchased a donor Sportster with a Bobber Attackkit, but was too busy and had not yet started the project seriously.

With the help of L&L most of the donor parts have been processed in the Bobber, but a few new parts have also been used. L&L did the construction work, had the Bobber inspected and arranged the registration number. The frame is powder coated, but otherwise remained rough because Joost has not decided on the further finish.

The Bobber is delivered roadworthy, so who knows, the inspiration might come during a ride!

Spartan Bobber

This Bobber from Jeroen stands for minimizing but getting maximum enjoyment.

In his new home, he has pushed aside the moving boxes in the garage, to make room for this new acquisition.

The first ride goes to Alphen aan de Rijn. With this weather… what more could a person want?

Triumph Boardtracker

Out of curiosity Rik visited the open days in the shop in Rijen. Once inside, while enjoying a cup of coffee, he saw the Boardtrackers.

The thing is Rik had still a little project laying around, a Triumph and after weeks of bad sleep he wanted to do something with it. He decided that he wanted to build a Boardtracker with his Triumph.

When delivering the engine, Rik indicated that he would like to be surprised, this is obviously very risky, because then the bucket of inspiration and creativity at L&L flows over! A must is the 23 inch narrow rims and tires with line profile, the 30’s tank and a special springer.